Plan your presentation. For this introductory exercise, limit it to just 2 or 3 slides.

To open Power Point
Open Power Point by going to Start > Programs > Power point

To select a template and layout
Select Template and OK
File > New > Presentation Designs
Skim designs, previewing each and select one; click on OK (you can change colour schemes easily later)
Skim through Autolayouts (without an image) for a good introduction page design, select one and click OK
Key in your heading and any text in the areas indicated (change font, BOLD, size etc from toolbar)

Want to change the colour scheme of heading, text or background  at this point?
Go to Format > Slide Colour Scheme > select from the Standard schemes or choose your own from Custom

To create a second (or third, fourth etc) slide in the presentation
Go to the New Slide icon on the toolbar (or Insert > New Slide does the same thing)
Select the design layout (with image this time) for your second slide > OK
Add headings and text as before.

To insert an image
Go to Insert > Picture > choose from Clip Art or From File > select what you want and click insert (if From File, you’ll  need to have one from the web or your floppy image folder)
Drag photo to where you want it;  resize by clicking on the image and dragging on the borders as usual

Slide Transition and animating dot points
Select slide sorter view (icon with 4 little squares in bottom left)
Click on a slide to select it
Look at the 2 fields (text boxes) just above the first and second slides
The one on the left says 'no transition'. If you click on the little arrow to the right of this you will see a list of effects that govern the transition from one slide to the next. Select one that appeals!
The field on the right says 'no effect'. If you click on the little arrow to the right of this you will see a list of effects that determines how your dot points will appear. Select one that appeals!
When you have finished doing this for all slides select slide show view (the icon that looks like a TV in the lower left corner.

To add a hyperlink
You can add a hyperlink to another slide or to the web: here’s how to link to a web URL
Highlight the text or image you want the link from
Open Slide show on top Toolbar
Select Action Settings > Hyperlink to>select URL from dialogue box>key in the URL > OK > OK again

To save your presentation
When you have created the slides, go to File > Save (and choose the folder/drive etc)

To view your presentation in Power Point mode
Go to View > Slide Show on toolbar  (or slide show icon in bottom left corner)
Click to activate and keep clicking (or hit 'enter' on keyboard) when you are ready for next element to appear
Click on small arrow at bottom left of screen to end slide show

To edit the presentation
Go to View > Slide Sorter (or Slide Sorter View icon in  bottom left toolbar)
Drag slides around if you want to change their order
If you want to edit a slide eg change the animation effects or text, double click on the slide to open it, then edit away.
Save any changes (ctrl + s)

go here for more advanced settings