(Second) Conditional Sentences

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1. If I FOUND $100 on the street I WOULD KEEP it.
2. The teacher WOULD GET ANGRY if no one ever DID their assignments.

In both these examples we are talking about future situations that are possible. In each of the following sentences there are two verbs - one must be with WOULD and the other in the PAST TENSE. Try them.

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Put the verbs in the following sentences in the right tense to make correct conditional (if) sentences.

1. If I (offer) you money I think you (take) it.

2. I'm sure Tom will lend you some money. I (surprise) if he (refuse).

3. Many people (lose) jobs if the factory (close).

4. If she (sell) her car she not (get) much money for it.

5. They invited us to dinner. They (be disappointed) if we not (go).

6. George (be angry) if I (take) his bicycle?

7. If you (ask) me to marry you I (say) yes.

8. What (happen) if you not (go) to work tomorrow?

9. If I (win) a million dollars I (stop) working tomorrow!

10. If I (be) a rich man I (visit) all of you.

(Adapted from ENGLISH GRAMMAR IN USE by Raymond Murphy)

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