This is a combined reading and writing assignment. To do it you'll have to read a newspaper from your country. If you are already in your country then you can just read the newspaper as usual. If you are in a foreign country, you can go to the following website and find a newspaper from your country.

(Look at the list of countries and then click on your country to get a list of on line newspapers from your country.)

Non- English Alphabets

If your first language uses an alphabet different from the 'English alphabet' (for example, Chinese), you may not be able to read the newspaper in your language. It depends on the newspaper, your computer, and also on your knowledge of the internet. It is possible to download software from the internet so your browser will convert the text into your language. If you would like to try this go to  for instructions.

Of course you can just read the newspapers in English! Nearly every country has an English language newspaper on line. Whether you do the reading in English or your first language is up to you. However, you must of course do the written part of the assignment in English!

I would like everybody to focus on the news for dd/mm/yy. That way I can get a collection of writing from you about the stories from the world's newspapers ON THE SAME DAY. Later I will send all students a list of all the stories that made the news that day. You don't have to do the assignment on Tuesday, but please make a note of what is in the newspapers that day. OK?



1. Read the FRONT PAGE of a newspaper on dd/mm/yy.

2. Choose TWO stories from that page.

3. Write a paragraph of AT LEAST 5-10 lines explaining each news story.


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