"The skyline of Toronto is something you get on to
But they say you've got to stay there for a while."
(from Alberta Bound, Gordon Lightfoot.)

Well I didn't. Toronto is not a place that immediately strikes the visitor. A pleasant enough setting on the banks of Lake Ontario, but its first impression is that of just another big modern city. One thing that did strike immediately though was the number of immigrants. I learned while I was there that Toronto is proud of its multicultural nature, and likes to think it does it well. I know there are groovier parts of Toronto but I didn't get time to see them. My impressions were formed by hanging out in the outer suburbs and the downtown area. Downtown skyscapers do display some impressive coloured glass architecture and interesting angles, and of course the CNN tower dominates everything. But you would have to stay there for a while to get more of a feel for the real Toronto than I did.