Athens, Georgia is a delightful town. 70,000 people, of which 40,000 are work or attend the University of Georgia. Athens was named after the ancient Greek capital, and the building on the right, situated on campus tell it all. Greek pillars, common to much of grand southern architecture, feature on many campus buildings.
Georgia is an unbelievably green state. For someone like me brought up on near desert terrain, it was a bit hard to comprehend. I had never seen such lush vegetation outside the tropics. The view on the right is typical of much the university.
Professor Tom Reeves, Department of Instructional Design (UGA) is a world renowned authority on Web based instructional design. We met for dinner one night in Athens and later met up with several people from the conference.
Dr Mike Orey (seated at the head of the table) is a member of staff at the Department of Instructional Design at UGA. He had just returned home from a two week residence at Douglas Mawson TAFE when we met for dinner in Athens. Also pictured are my travelling companions, Deb Bennett and Mark Hallam (TAFE SA), and Steve Roberts, now an independent online education consultant.