Vancouver and BC 2001 - the way back to Van

before the conference
the conference
Grouse Mountain
Victoria Island
on the way to Whistler
the way back
more pix (many are the same)

After a few days in travelling around wonderful BC we had to turn southward again and head for home. We had planes to catch later that same day so we couldn't really dally too much to take in the scenery. Rita's superb navigation skills brought us to a lake where the locals were swimming beneath snow covered mountains.
More boring scenery on every bend. We forced ourselves to get out of the car for one more photo opportunity.....
....return the car......
....and get on our planes. I flew Canada 3000, and Deb, Rita and Catriona boarded an Air Canada flight. We had a race to Hawaii (which Canada 3000 won) and we met there again briefly in the middle of the night in the middle of the Pacific.