the listserv

My project was already well underway before the listserv was up and running. Much discussion about voice and the nature and reason of synchronous interactions took place elsewhere before the listserv was operating. It generated quite a lot of discussion early on but petered out later in the project. It was clear that it was up to me to raise issues and try and keep regular communication alive, but I didn't have the time to to do it justice. It is still there, and I'm still deciding whether to keep it active or perhaps amalgamate it with other similar listservs within LearningTimes.

It is always curious to observe who prefers to use forum based discussions as opposed to listservs. I personally prefer the immediacy (push technology) of the listerv, and the chance to review, respond, and initiate discussions while offline. On reflection I don't thinnk I would have bothered with the forum discussion had the listserv been available from the start of the project. There were too many spaces where essentially the same discussion, primarily on the use of voice applications, was taking place.

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