the role of radio
As I took part in more and more webcasts it occurred to me that what teachers do in the webcasting environment is very similar to what radio presenters do. In both cases you are addressing an unseen audience. Radio in educational contexts has been used mostly as a broadcast model of disseminating information. Though good radio presenters may well have skills that synchronous online teachers could benefit from (voice modulation, frequent change of focus, avoiding the tendency to monologue), it is the increasingly popular medium of talkback radio that approximates what must do as an online presenter. Effective webcasting involves allowing room and time for interaction from your audience - allowing them some of the allotted airspace - and hence giving them some say in the content and direction of the session. This affords listeners some semblance of a co-designer role in the instructional design process as described by Jonassen in his article, Learners as Designers. (

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