(Published in Rip It Up)
(2002 Reviews)

GUD (Paul McDermott, Mick Moriarty, Cameron Bruce)
Nova Cinema 2
Fri Feb 20

"The last train out of Baghdad's almost gone." "Stand by Saddam." "Free the Sheep." Get the picture? No? Well it was hard to pick. A 'shambolic' (McDermott's own assessment) assortment of song, patter, song, patter with a great finale. Barrels of fun for residents of Snowtown and SA if you're not too precious. More straight songs might have made it better, but where's the fun in that?

Danny Bhoy
Nova Cinema 2
Sat Feb 21

"I don't where we've been, or how we got here, but I hope you enjoyed the journey." I did. Immensely. Danny Bhoy takes you through his recent past pouring delightful whimsical scorn on Australians, the French, Germans, Americans, the British, wine connoisseurs - just about anyone he's met really. All done with comic license, cheeky good looks, and a brilliant smile. A charming, entertaining hour of chuckle and laughter.

God Inc
Eclipse, FringeHUB
Sat Feb 21

A one person show that combines interactive video and traditional stage craft to introduce a range of characters all superbly portrayed by Paul Wagner. Taking aim at religion and the corporate world, much of God Inc takes place in purgatory. A fast-moving, dense production of humour and intelligence. Go and absorb the work of an extraordinary artist. You'll still be talking about it hours later.

Valeri & Gleb
Rumours, FringeHUB
Sun Feb 22

An entrancing opening scene with two figures clad only in tight-fitting black body stockings is eerily androgynous. An air band and tubular bells performance including members of the audience, Adam and Eve flirting in the garden of Eden, chickens laying eggs and tap-dancing typists is all good fun, and showcases the mime and comic talent of this Russian duo. An admirable attempt at making the art of mime interactive.

Dave Callan: I Spied - True Confessions Of An Ex ASIO Spy
Cinema, FringeHUB
Sat Feb 28

What a privilege to learn about one of Australia's hallowed institutions from an insider who litters his personal history of ASIO with insightful humour and genuine warmth. Delightful tales of characters and situations encountered while working in the national security organisation, with just the right balance between serious moments and poking fun at the absurdity of ASIO's necessarily paranoid outlook on the world. Polished, instructive, and very funny.

Elbow Skin
Margaret Murray Room, FringeHUB
Sun Feb 29

Elbow Skin are an emerging comedy duo from Victoria that make great use of multimedia. Employing original songs, video, and voice overs, they have a keen eye for the absurd. Much of the work required to make this show a success is done long before they hit the stage, and the audience certainly appreciated the craft in the opening credits, Playstation warriors, and Nemo like video sequences. A funny and entertaining mix.

Lawrence Leung in SKEPTIC
Trapeze Lounge, Garden of Unearthly Delights
Thu Mar 4

A skeptical tale about psychics in which Lawrence Leung sets about debunking ghosts, superstitions, séances and the like with input from his Mum and the results of a series of whacky experiments. Part quasi science show, part narrative, part lecture, part magic, Leung has the definitive data on Crossing Over, 'received voices' and poltergeists. And just when you're at the point of believing him an impressive ironic finish has you thinking again! A good show.

Rumplestiltskin in Higgledy Piggledy
Trapeze Lounge, Garden of Unearthly Delights
Thu Mar 4

Friggin'…. Crikey. Uncontrolled chaos, an endless supply of props and novelties, bizarre slide show, mayhem, stream of consciousness throwaways at a cracking pace, a show without end, Rumplestiltskin is a "clown without borders". Lyric pastiches, physical gags, juggling, unicycling, music (sort of). A good percentage of the crowd spent the hour in hysterics, others with permanent smiles, while others were just dazed and confused. Go and see a fool at the top of his game