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Online Roleplay - Winston Pk

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3. If you had more time do you think reaching consensus with all parties would have been possible?
Respondent Number Response
1 I felt that councillor Norm had already made his decision and no matter what was said he would follow it through. The only way to have stopped it would have been to get other councillors on side.
2 The basis for compromise that emerged late from SOWPAG was to reduce the development from 100 to 25 or 50 townhouses. That would be un-economic and shows naivete in commercial dealings. It would take forever to negotiate with that sort of group.
3 Josie, in particular, demonstrated no desire to
4 I think that some people just didn't want to reach consensus.
5 Everyone took their part very literally so it appears that had decided that they would not budge from the original leaning whether it was have a park or a dev.
6 Josie was not going to consider any negotiations. She was determined to fight continuously against losing the park.
7 I feel some characters painted themselves into corners. No way out until it was too late and statements made that would have been classed as contradictory if sudden compromise occurred.
8 Some people are difficult and rigid.
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