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Survey Results
Online Roleplay - Winston Pk

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4. Were you able to guess who was playing any of the characters? If yes, how were you able to do this?
Respondent Number Response
1 Several made the mistake of using their email. Others logged on using their own name. However, I thought that each played their roles well.
2 E-mail address of player came through when using the role play e-mail address.
3 I subscribed to the forum. The emailed posting told me.
4 Some people display similar behavioural characteristics in the group assignment as they did in the role play
5 I really didn't try. I felt it was more fun to play it without putting a name to the character
6 Scott was Norm as he sent an email out of the Janison LMS. Sandy was Josie. He logged on as Sandy in the group chat and then had to log on as Josie.
7 Scott sent an email and I am almost sure Nora was Susan. It sounded a bit like her.
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