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Survey Results
Online Roleplay - Winston Pk

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7. Please list then describe any positive and/or negative factors about this roleplay activity.
Respondent Number Response
1 Positives 1. The use of past personal behavioural experiences and using ways to confront these issues. 2. Look at new behaviours. 3. It was flexible and enabled you to use new ideas, strategies and values. This helps to improve your performance in certain areas in the future. 4. Gave everyone a chance to use role play in a safe environment. 5. Being unscripted made it more realistic 6. Was dynamic thanks to the players really adopting their roles. Negatives. 1. Consultation with others was more difficult to achieve than it would be in f-to-f. 2. Keeping tabs on what was happening at all times.
2 Positive; allows us to experiment with behaviours and see reactions, and learn from this. Negative: I think more preliminary establishment of the setting (development size, scope, purpose; nature of the WP area)would have helped.
3 The scenario was not connected to the sort of teaching area that I work in. I am struggling with thinking about scenarios that I could use.
4 Was time consuming to get benefit.
5 I found it hard to get to all the group chats. With too many people the chats become difficult to control.
6 It was great to take on the persona of another person, another gender. I thoroughly got into it. The thought of dressing up before logging on did cross my mind.
7 A couple of people getting carried away and annoying: Josie and Nora.
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