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Online Roleplay - Winston Pk

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8. Do you have any suggestions for improving this activity?
Respondent Number Response
1 1. Introducing the use of email using your pseudonym. 2. Swaping roles half way through the event so the players gets a chance to look at the issues from both sides and further test their skills.
2 As above.
3 I need to know what was in michael's head when he set this up. It was good to experience this from a participant's point of view but i need to see it from a facilitators point of view. Perhaps this would be possible if the facilitator kept a log as the roleplay evolved from conception though implmentation that we could then examine.
4 Maybe more props. on-line map, fake zoning info etc.
5 Maybe a formalised meeting where the people in the group actually vote in a chat session as to whether the development goes ahead. This would be a conclusion to the activity.
6 I reckon their should be an impartial judge..possibly the facilitator or one of the students who is assigned the Planning Commission's Role. THey have the final say. Could be cool...more like the real thing?
7 Some people need to realise this is just that a role play and unfortunately some of their dare I say it - I suspect 'personalities' came through.
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