Make questions from the following sentences.

Clue: use DID and the present tense form of the verb.

Regular Verbs


1) She lived in Glenelg for five years.

2) He married her for her money.

3) Michael typed these exercises on a computer.

4) They looked at the bus timetable before they left.

5) Peter and Joseph talked all night.

6) Those guys from next door robbed the garage last night.

7) They separated after only six months.

8) He watched three movies in a row.

9) Dung slammed the door and walked out in a rage.

    10) She decided to go home straight away.


Irregular Verbs

1) He went to the football yesterday.

2) He left for Perth yesterday.

3) He won one thousand dollars in X-lotto.

4) He had eggs for breakfast.

5) They ate out last night.

6) She drove all the way to Sydney without stopping.

7) Wen Jie forgot her car keys.

8) He rang Raisa last night.

9) Nusret and Hong caught the bus to town.

10) They got to the movie on time.