MFO and Constructivism
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1 Really appreciated the chance to learn more about this.
2 MFO gave me a sense of permission to use constructivism approaches in my teaching/faciliatating online. So Q4 answer should read "further developed" these ideas, Q6 "heightened my interest into looking for new and interesting ways to do this". Is the term 'scaffolding" part of this approach? Sorry Michael, I'm rusty on my Piaget type theories. Cheers, Valda PS Oh if this is all meant to be anonymous just delete me!
3 The key to being won over to constructivist methods is to:
1. experience it
2. ensure it's developed hand-in-hand with e-moderation skills.
The key to successful constructivism lies in successful moderation.
4 My problem is it takes time to put into practice and think through how to implement it into the classroom.
5 Really enjoyed the course. I felt at "home". I can imagine that those who are very used to a more structured method of teaching may have found the process a little frustrating. Constructivism from a student's perspective relies on creativity and "thinking beyond the square" which may not be easy for some. But the method does value every students input which makes the course rewrding.
6 When I am working with a group of students I rarely rely totally upon one methodology but use different methodologies according to the demographic of the learners and often use a hybrid of a number of approaches.
7 I didn't feel that I learnt much at all from MFO - bordered on being a waste of time.
8 I'm not involved with teaching, just in providing access to professional development in which we discuss the various learning styles. Constructivist approaches comes up in this context.
9 I think you need to have clear objectives where courses are going, to achieve the outcomes students are paying for. I'm not sure that MFO was able to clearly state what its outcomes were going to be. How do you advertise this to potential paying customers. As such there are some skills and activities that are more suited to open ended activities.
10 MFO students being older,sorry, more mature than most of my student group had no hesitation in engaging in constructivist approaches.
Some of my students need guiding and encouragement initially but soon feel comfortable with constructivist methodology.
11 In MFO, I enjoyed watching all the ideas develop - I don't think we realise what a wonderful resource we all are until we share our ideas.

Some of the questions in this survey were difficult to answer 'so black and white' eg. No 2 Something that is good in theory but too hard to implement with students; more too hard to implement with some students. And No 6 I employed constructivist principles before MFO and nothing has changed since doing the course; I had employed these principles before MFO but that doesn't mean MFO didn't stimulate my thinking further!
12 I found some difficlut to answer becuase Our work is based on a constructivist approach to learning and teaching. I guess I entred you course as a learner and it affirmed what I try to do too.
13 I am not a teacher, but still, I like constructivism as a student.
14 I've used constructivist approaches in my teaching for many years - only now have a new name for it. It works because of the nature of the subjects I've taught - community services, communication and social science subjects. May not be as good for other subjects . I did not use it all the time though as variety is important. It often does take longer and so this needs to be borne in mind. As an instructional designer i encourage this approach as it is excellent for workbase learning ass it encourages learners to integrate what they are learning with what they know.
15 I think MFO validates and highliaghts the benefits of constructivism
16 I found MFO very rewarding and it opened my eyes to many alternatives. All good food for thought.
17 Like any other pedagogy, I feel that constuctivism should be integrate with the best of other models to provide a quality learning esperience for the student.
18 I wanted some different choices like not sure, sometimes, yes but!!
Michael, I don't think this really gives a good picture of how the course has impacted on me since I don't actually have a class however I have related it to how I have approached our learnscope teams.