Finding Your Voice on the Internet – changing the language, building community, and reducing diversity?
Keynote address at CLESOL Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, September, 2004
Introduction | Language | Community | Diversity | Conclusion | Feedback

A Selection of Some Very Kind Comments from Conference Delegates
  • “Engaging, great ideas”
  • “I loved it! Michael is passionate about the subject and has inspired me to seek Webheadz!”
  • “A very stylish and edgy presentation”
  • “A most interesting session”
  • “Extremely smooth presentation actually using what he was talking about – very risky but he made it look easy”
  • “Good delivery method, subject knowledge and explanation of concept”
  • “An eye opener into another world – the future? If so I’m glad I’ve been given a window in”
  • “Really interesting material. It gave a glimpse of amazing possibilities for EAL teaching/learning”
  • “Relevant, relaxed, clear”
  • “New info and presentation – visual”
  • “Mind boggling!”

Introduction | Language | Community | Diversity | Conclusion | Feedback
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