Your communication tools 
Notice the icons at the top of this page. These are to help you communicate while you are studying this course. One or more may  may appear on  any page. They enable you to email me, post messages to other students, chat and keep notes. 

How do they work?

  • print out this page 
  • follow the setting up instructions 
Hi. I hope you enjoy this course. If you have any problems or questions contact your online tutor via email or phone and I will reply as quickly as I can.
This is your course Navigation Bar and is at the top left corner of every page. It takes you
  • home: to the course homepage 
  • contents: to see the contents page 
  • retrace: back to the last page visited 
  • refresh: returns to the learning material after visiting a tool (self-test, bulletin, glossary) 
  • pg back: back to the previous item on the learning pathway 
  • pg fwd: forward to next page on the pathway 


Follow the instructions in the red box, to forward your email to your personal account.

This icon is for internal email. Try it now: 
  • Click on 'mail' on the homepage of your module. 
  • Open Options and type in your email address. 
  • Click on OK. 
  • Now go to compose
  • Click on browse and scroll down til you find your tutor's name. 
  • Select it and send a personal introduction. 
  • Click on post. 
Click on the mail icon in the module, open Options and type in your email address. Click on Update
Now go to compose. Click on browse and scroll down till you find your tutor's name. 
Select it and send a personal introduction. Ask for your tutor's phone number if you don't already have it. Click on Send.
Bulletins are the place where you can discuss ideas and findings with other students. Try one now!
  • Click on 'bulletins' on the module homepage and read your tutor's welcome message to everyone. 
  • Click on reply and introduce yourself to the other students in this course. 
  • Then click on post.
Click here for information on how to send an attachment in either email or Bulletins.
 Chat is a place to go for fun or to talk in real time to a small group of other students or your tutor. How?
  • Send a bulletin message and ask if someone would like to meet you for a chat 
  • Negotiate a time (it works best with only 2 or 3 people) and suggest a room to meet in ( The Pub, The Beach, In the Garden or By the Fire) 
  • Click on the Chat icon on your module homepage.  
  • Wait for it to load and then go to the arranged room. 
  • Type in your message and hit return 
  • Remember your conversation may be logged 
  • My Notes is like an online yellow sticky pad! Use it whenever you want to make a note for later on. (NB. All notes stay there and can be revisited, and edited, by clicking on List of All Notes.)
    • Go to the first page in the module and click on the my notes icon
    • Click on Add 
    • Type in your note 
    • Update
    • Refresh to return to where you were 

    These are the basic tools for this course. To know more at any time visit the
    Learner Guide to WebCT