eModeration - Managing a New Language?

November 10th, 2001
Michael Coghlan

11/10/2001 07:58:03 EST <moderator1> Simon, the audio isn't running yet - watch this space! I'll let you all know when the speaker is ready!

11/10/2001 07:58:23 EST <Vance> watches carefully

11/10/2001 07:58:43 EST <Michael Coghlan> smiles at Vance

11/10/2001 07:59:00 EST <Ruaridh> Can we start already? (Eric?)

11/10/2001 07:59:34 EST <Phil Brabbs> Ready

11/10/2001 07:59:34 EST <Vance> acknowledges smile but knows Michael is preparing himself

11/10/2001 07:59:44 EST <DavidSmith> i don't think they're quite ready yet Ruaridh 11/10/2001 07:59:49 EST <Ruaridh> Hi David? I'll think I'll change back to my real name soon.

11/10/2001 08:00:14 EST <Ruaridh> I'm so keen.

11/10/2001 08:00:24 EST <MikeIvy> This is amazing - I hope my Toshiba portable doesn't overheat

11/10/2001 08:00:24 EST <DavidSmith> actually I'm not David, this is Lisa White :-) 11/10/2001 08:00:25 EST <DavidSmith> only joking ;-)

11/10/2001 08:00:27 EST <moderator1> Ok, everyone, Michael is ready. Please Please now 'click here for live audio' to the left of this Chat box to start your Media Player. Thanks! 11/10/2001 08:00:54 EST <MikeIvy> OK...

11/10/2001 08:01:00 EST <Ruaridh> But, this is exhausting. Too many sources of info. 11/10/2001 08:01:21 EST <Vance> seems to be something going on back there? 11/10/2001 08:01:26 EST <marciaadato> I was able to connect by switching browsers from the aol browswer to Internet Explorer

11/10/2001 08:01:34 EST <MikeIvy> OK, it's starting. I have the spkr rustling his papers. 11/10/2001 08:01:34 EST <Vance> I was expecting Mozart

11/10/2001 08:01:34 EST <moderator1> Yes, he's about to start!

11/10/2001 08:01:44 EST <Phil Brabbs> Lots of scuffling and zipping

11/10/2001 08:01:44 EST <moderator1> The excitement!

11/10/2001 08:01:58 EST <Vance> loud and clear

11/10/2001 08:02:00 EST <tonyryan> I can hear you 11/10/2001 08:02:01 EST <moderator1> Yes, Michael - loud and clear

11/10/2001 08:02:02 EST <MikeIvy> No probs Michael.

11/10/2001 08:02:02 EST <stevewalters> loud and clear

11/10/2001 08:02:08 EST <geofftaylor> absolutely

11/10/2001 08:02:08 EST <Phil Brabbs> loud and clear

11/10/2001 08:02:10 EST <angela hulme> Good sound here

11/10/2001 08:02:10 EST <simonlemaistre> yes

11/10/2001 08:02:13 EST <marciaadato> I hear you loud and clear

11/10/2001 08:02:14 EST <Tom Savage> Got you in the UK

11/10/2001 08:02:24 EST <Ruaridh> Loud and clear!

11/10/2001 08:02:24 EST <MikeIvy> strength 9

11/10/2001 08:02:24 EST <Budapest1> Budapest can hear you

11/10/2001 08:02:24 EST <Vicki Hollett> Loud and clear in Philly

11/10/2001 08:02:24 EST <horvathnemolnar> <Sound's fine her.

11/10/2001 08:02:34 EST <Caroline> Fancy new graphics in wmp7.1 but no sound yet!! 11/10/2001 08:02:54 EST <Ruaridh> 71 slides!!!!!!!

11/10/2001 08:03:04 EST <Budapest1> Thank you for staying up for so late

11/10/2001 08:03:24 EST <Ruaridh> Hi, Lisa.

11/10/2001 08:04:31 EST <alejandromartinez> Has it started yet?

11/10/2001 08:04:55 EST <moderator1> Yes, 'click here for live audio' to the left of this Chat box to start your Media Player. Thanks!

11/10/2001 08:05:25 EST <Denos> Sound etc. far better than with David Nunnan - and chat functions work

11/10/2001 08:05:25 EST <Vance> spoken writing, I like that

11/10/2001 08:05:52 EST <alejandromartinez> No buzz

11/10/2001 08:06:05 EST <Vicki Hollett> Sure Simon, when would you like to meet? 11/10/2001 08:06:21 EST <Miriam> Hello Angela ;->

11/10/2001 08:06:25 EST <mariajordano> which slide?

11/10/2001 08:06:33 EST <Denos> Hi! Vicki.

11/10/2001 08:06:33 EST <stevewalters> 4

11/10/2001 08:06:34 EST <Vicki Hollett> Chat room 1?

11/10/2001 08:06:50 EST <alejandromartinez> Yes

11/10/2001 08:07:13 EST <Stefan_U> moderator1: sound still not working-i just tried the test - that works

11/10/2001 08:07:13 EST <Ruaridh> My three-year-old daughter has just come in and wants to know where Australia is.

11/10/2001 08:07:13 EST <Vicki Hollett> See you there

11/10/2001 08:07:45 EST <Caroline> Still can't get sound, but new version of wmp has nicer error messages! Will log off and try again!

11/10/2001 08:08:05 EST <moderator1> The test as in the demo, Stefan?

11/10/2001 08:08:25 EST <Stefan_U> as in the demo, yes

11/10/2001 08:08:25 EST <stevewalters> lost sound quality here

11/10/2001 08:08:25 EST <horvathnemolnar> Hello to all of you in Budapest.

11/10/2001 08:08:30 EST <stevewalters> back now

11/10/2001 08:09:26 EST <Denos> Anyond following the presentation?

11/10/2001 08:09:26 EST <Budapest1> Hi there.

11/10/2001 08:09:32 EST <Stefan_U> Any ideas, moderator? I am connected via adsl on a fast machine

11/10/2001 08:09:45 EST <Stefan_U> it is an error message

11/10/2001 08:09:55 EST <Miriam> Good to see you, Angela--yes, 'tis I ;->

11/10/2001 08:10:05 EST <garyroelofs> Hello from Oregon, and fresh coffee here 11/10/2001 08:10:05 EST <Stefan_U> windows can;t find the file (translated from german)

11/10/2001 08:10:14 EST <MikeIvy> yes, I canhear U

11/10/2001 08:10:14 EST <marciaadato> I agree completely with Dan B..sound is good. 11/10/2001 08:10:14 EST <moderator1> You're fine, Michael

11/10/2001 08:10:14 EST <Vance> I'm hearing fine.

11/10/2001 08:10:14 EST <bethtait> with you.

11/10/2001 08:10:15 EST <Tom Savage> Still fine in the UK

11/10/2001 08:10:15 EST <alejandromartinez> Sound's OK

11/10/2001 08:10:15 EST <Ruaridh> Loud and clear in Berlin!

11/10/2001 08:10:15 EST <Denos> Great sound in Germany.

11/10/2001 08:10:15 EST <tonyryan> i can hear

11/10/2001 08:10:16 EST <garyroelofs> sound is great here

11/10/2001 08:10:19 EST <Phil Brabbs> No problem loud and clear

11/10/2001 08:10:20 EST <stevewalters> yes, with you

11/10/2001 08:10:23 EST <Miriam> I can hear you fine

11/10/2001 08:10:33 EST <MikeIvy> Hi there Paul Sweeney

11/10/2001 08:10:35 EST <Budapest1> we're listening to you.

11/10/2001 08:10:36 EST <Miriam> from Florida

11/10/2001 08:10:46 EST <GeorginaMoorhouse> Still got sound here

11/10/2001 08:11:05 EST <nataliaminova> Latvia is enjoying

11/10/2001 08:11:14 EST <Stefan_U> it is probably some strange config-problem, thanx a lot, moderator

11/10/2001 08:11:45 EST <Miriam> Good issues, Michael--we need to think deeper about this

11/10/2001 08:12:25 EST <Guest> Czechia can hear fine now

11/10/2001 08:12:25 EST <moderator1> Now on slide 13

11/10/2001 08:13:23 EST <MikeIvy> Hi Caroline Moore

11/10/2001 08:13:46 EST <caroline moore> hi Mike, and Tony

11/10/2001 08:13:46 EST <alejandromartinez> Hi Caroline from Guadalajara

11/10/2001 08:13:56 EST <Phil Brabbs> Can I ask who the guest is from Czechia - Phil in Plzen

11/10/2001 08:13:56 EST <Vance> slide 15

11/10/2001 08:13:59 EST <MikeIvy> That's slide 15

11/10/2001 08:14:08 EST <Ruaridh> Question: Does e-mail encourage pointless communication?

11/10/2001 08:14:10 EST <tonyryan> Hello CAroline!

11/10/2001 08:14:24 EST <mariajordano> By the way do you know where can I find some rupes for writing formal emails?

11/10/2001 08:14:36 EST <caroline moore> no, wrong Caroline Moore - I'm from London, but I know CM from Guardalajara

11/10/2001 08:15:04 EST <MikeIvy> But in slide 15 the presence of the screamer (!) softens the tone a bit.

11/10/2001 08:15:16 EST <Guest> the Czech guest is misa pisova from Pradubice - do not know why the name did not show

11/10/2001 08:15:33 EST <Budapest1> Do you find teaching/facilitating e-mail communication for students eaier or more difficult than 'in-person' communication? 11/10/2001 08:16:04 EST <Budapest1> Budapest meant a QUESTION.

11/10/2001 08:16:14 EST <Phil Brabbs> Hi Misa, yes you signed on as a guest. I think you need to disconnect and then re sign on with your name

11/10/2001 08:16:15 EST <marciaadato> How do you let students know that their email language is inappropriate?

11/10/2001 08:16:17 EST <Caroline L> Hi folks. Which slide please?

11/10/2001 08:16:26 EST <caroline moore> 17

11/10/2001 08:16:26 EST <MikeIvy> slide 17

11/10/2001 08:16:36 EST <Caroline L> Just got it going - installed wmp7.1

11/10/2001 08:16:46 EST <garyroelofs> body language or tone of voice, which is at least present on the phone

11/10/2001 08:16:46 EST <Caroline L> Thanks

11/10/2001 08:16:54 EST <Vance> cheers

11/10/2001 08:16:54 EST <MikeIvy> 18 now

11/10/2001 08:17:04 EST <caroline moore> yes, very

11/10/2001 08:17:16 EST <Guest> Hi Phil thanks I will try

11/10/2001 08:17:26 EST <MikeIvy> But that's the function of smileys etc

11/10/2001 08:17:36 EST <Phil Brabbs> Yes, I find it very difficult to know when I can use first name at beginning. Writing to Ms Smith seems really weird in an email

11/10/2001 08:17:36 EST <christinesabieh> finally.....I was able to reconnect!<Enter Text Here>

11/10/2001 08:17:56 EST <caroline moore> hi david

11/10/2001 08:18:25 EST <Ruaridh> Question: Do you feel that smileys and emoticons convey enough emotion and body language?

11/10/2001 08:18:35 EST <MikeIvy> I guess I treat e-mails as formal letters at the start of an acquaintance.

11/10/2001 08:18:57 EST <Tom Savage> A 1988 study (Sherblom) revealed that none of the messages sent 'down' the chain in a large organisation were signed whilst 33% of those sent up were.

11/10/2001 08:19:09 EST <garyroelofs> mike--those conventions are really narrow and not as "programmed" or culturally defined as pauses, sighs, giggles

11/10/2001 08:19:16 EST <Phil Brabbs> Mikeivy Yes, I do too at the beginning so I don't offend but it still feels odd

11/10/2001 08:19:49 EST <caroline moore> whoops!

11/10/2001 08:19:51 EST <marciaadato> we hear you

11/10/2001 08:19:52 EST <alejandromartinez> Audio is fine

11/10/2001 08:19:52 EST <stevewalters> audio still here

11/10/2001 08:19:52 EST <Ruaridh> Audio still going fine.

11/10/2001 08:19:55 EST <davem> we hear you

11/10/2001 08:19:57 EST <Phil Brabbs> Audio still fine

11/10/2001 08:20:07 EST <angela hulme> you're coming through fine

11/10/2001 08:20:07 EST <Vance> we hear you, but you don't read us

11/10/2001 08:20:07 EST <caroline moore> I can hear Michael speaking

11/10/2001 08:20:07 EST <geofftaylor> you're still on in UK

11/10/2001 08:20:27 EST <MikeIvy> But have you noticed the absence of the word "Dear" at the start ofe-mails? ThoOK in the most formal ltrz, it seems some ppl feel uncomfortable with it in e-mails.

11/10/2001 08:20:27 EST <caroline moore> bet this happens when it's my turn 11/10/2001 08:20:27 EST <Budapest1> we hear you fine

11/10/2001 08:20:36 EST <caroline moore> what slide are we on?

11/10/2001 08:20:57 EST <MikeIvy> 23 Caro

11/10/2001 08:20:57 EST <Caroline L> QUESTION/COMMENT: Does it matter to whom? I find this unpunctuated stuff a bit irritating in an offline email, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

11/10/2001 08:21:17 EST <tonyryan> 23, I think

11/10/2001 08:21:27 EST <Phil Brabbs> Mike yes I often now write Hi x or might even put Ms Smith at the beginning without the Dear

11/10/2001 08:21:46 EST <Caroline L> Well, what do you folk think?

11/10/2001 08:22:47 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: Absolutely agree about acknowledgment.

11/10/2001 08:22:58 EST <paulsweeney> I like email cos it's so versatile, a casual note to a mate or a letter of complaint to B.A.

11/10/2001 08:23:05 EST <David Eastment> I don't have a problem with it, Caro L 11/10/2001 08:23:15 EST <mariajordano> Hi David

11/10/2001 08:23:27 EST <mariajordano> Do recognize me?

11/10/2001 08:23:37 EST <Caroline L> But Paul, you'd use different styles for these, wouldn't <you?

11/10/2001 08:23:42 EST <caroline moore> I'm usually comfortable with email, couldn't do my job without it really

11/10/2001 08:23:43 EST <David Eastment> Agree with Paul! (hey Maria, hi!! - name fooled me!)

11/10/2001 08:24:06 EST <mariajordano> Why?

11/10/2001 08:24:08 EST <Tom Savage> QUESTION: Where does email fit into the 'response demand' continuum? Are we more likely to ignore a ringing telephone, a knocked door, a letter through the post or an email?

11/10/2001 08:24:13 EST <Caroline L> But David E., would you admit that some of our students' correspondents might have?

11/10/2001 08:24:18 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: important thing is to communicate meaning effectively.

11/10/2001 08:24:25 EST <paulsweeney> Of course Caroline, but that's why I like it. 11/10/2001 08:24:26 EST <mariajordano> Mario R told me about you

11/10/2001 08:24:37 EST <David Eastment> God yes, Caro l!!

11/10/2001 08:24:55 EST <mariajordano> Nice to see you here!

11/10/2001 08:25:07 EST <David Eastment> You too Maria!

11/10/2001 08:25:43 EST <Caroline L> OK then we're agreed, David E.

11/10/2001 08:25:49 EST <marciaadato> lost the audio

11/10/2001 08:25:55 EST <caroline moore> whoop, me too

11/10/2001 08:26:02 EST <stevewalters> lost sound#

11/10/2001 08:26:02 EST <tonyryan> lost the sound too

11/10/2001 08:26:02 EST <alejandromartinez> lost audio

11/10/2001 08:26:02 EST <Phil Brabbs> lost audio

11/10/2001 08:26:02 EST <Ruaridh> These sound pauses are annoying.

11/10/2001 08:26:02 EST <mariajordano> I am teaching at the Uni as a collaborator and I have created two egroups with my students. I am really happy

11/10/2001 08:26:08 EST <garyroelofs> lost audio in Oregon

11/10/2001 08:26:08 EST <geofftaylor> And me

11/10/2001 08:26:08 EST <mariajordano> me

11/10/2001 08:26:08 EST <mariajordano> too

11/10/2001 08:26:08 EST <christinesabieh> me too

11/10/2001 08:26:19 EST <Caroline L> My media player says 'Wait!'

11/10/2001 08:26:28 EST <Phil Brabbs> Well at least it's all of us

11/10/2001 08:26:28 EST <Vance> lost audio in abu dhabi

11/10/2001 08:26:28 EST <MikeIvy> aarrgghh sound off! WMP status = "Waiting" 11/10/2001 08:26:31 EST <Vance> mine too

11/10/2001 08:26:31 EST <Ruaridh> Sound????????? (Berlin)

11/10/2001 08:26:32 EST <alejandromartinez> Mine says so too

11/10/2001 08:26:32 EST <moderator1> Please wait for further information. Trying to restart him!

11/10/2001 08:26:34 EST <nataliaminova> Us too, in Latvia

11/10/2001 08:26:42 EST <Vance> at least we all know it's normal

11/10/2001 08:26:43 EST <angela hulme> no sound

11/10/2001 08:26:46 EST <MikeIvy> Roger received

11/10/2001 08:26:47 EST <David Eastment> Yup, no audio in sunny Saffron Walden! 11/10/2001 08:26:58 EST <mariajordano> no audio

11/10/2001 08:27:00 EST <caroline moore> oh, well at least we can talk between ourselves. I'm in London

11/10/2001 08:27:08 EST <Vicki Hollett> Nop audio in Philly I'm afraid

11/10/2001 08:27:08 EST <estelavillamarin> in Argentina we lost sound, too

11/10/2001 08:27:18 EST <moderator1> Please talk amongst yourselves for the mo! 11/10/2001 08:27:28 EST <mariajordano> Natalia

11/10/2001 08:27:28 EST <angela hulme> does any one have sound?

11/10/2001 08:27:28 EST <David Eastment> Hey Vicki Hollett! (kiss)

11/10/2001 08:27:28 EST <geofftaylor> tried restart, no joy

11/10/2001 08:27:28 EST <marciaadato> audio back

11/10/2001 08:27:28 EST <mariajordano> Are you from riga?

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <angela hulme> it's back

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <alejandromartinez> Sound's back

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <Arthur McKeown> <Enter Text Here>Joy!

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <tonyryan> I can hear you

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <Ruaridh> Sound back! (Germany)

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: Odd, tho, to go back to a previous topic, that while "Dear" is fine in a very formal letter, ppl avoid it in e-mails.

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <stevewalters> audio back

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <nataliaminova> Got it!

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <Phil Brabbs> sound back

11/10/2001 08:27:36 EST <christinesabieh> can hear

11/10/2001 08:27:37 EST <Vance> arggghhh

11/10/2001 08:27:48 EST <Vicki Hollett> What ho David!

11/10/2001 08:27:48 EST <MikeIvy> Okydoky, sound on? Or off?!

11/10/2001 08:27:48 EST <marciaadato> gone again

11/10/2001 08:27:49 EST <mariajordano> :(

11/10/2001 08:27:49 EST <alejandromartinez> Gone again

11/10/2001 08:27:49 EST <Vance> commisserates on loss of 1st part of pres

11/10/2001 08:27:50 EST <paulsweeney> I haven't had any audio from the start but my set up is a little old. I'll check in later. Best of luck with your session later Caroline 11/10/2001 08:27:50 EST <nataliaminova> In Latvia means in Daugavpils

11/10/2001 08:27:50 EST <estelavillamarin> I have sound again,

11/10/2001 08:28:05 EST <Vance> hmm, waiting again

11/10/2001 08:28:05 EST <davem> sunny in Kent with sound - oops gone again 11/10/2001 08:28:05 EST <Budapest1> fine in here, nop, lost it again

11/10/2001 08:28:05 EST <caroline moore> thanks paul

11/10/2001 08:28:14 EST <christinesabieh> lost it again

11/10/2001 08:28:14 EST <Ruaridh> Gone again :-((

11/10/2001 08:28:14 EST <MikeIvy> "Waiting" again.

11/10/2001 08:28:15 EST <mariajordano> anyone from Spain?

11/10/2001 08:28:15 EST <Caroline L> Yes, sound - and a shame if we lost the first part cause I couldn't log on then - could you do a recorded voiceover for the archives? 11/10/2001 08:28:17 EST <tonyryan> sound gone again

11/10/2001 08:28:18 EST <angela hulme> nothing again

11/10/2001 08:28:28 EST <Arthur McKeown> I waited, I buffered, then lost it again ... 11/10/2001 08:28:28 EST <GeorginaMoorhouse> none here

11/10/2001 08:28:28 EST <David Eastment> Audio came - and went - rather like Prufrock 11/10/2001 08:28:28 EST <estelavillamarin> ilost sound again

11/10/2001 08:28:29 EST <mariajordano> no sound

11/10/2001 08:28:33 EST <stevewalters> Does anyone know if there is alist of delegates anywhere?

11/10/2001 08:28:55 EST <Phil Brabbs> One thing I do find annoying is when people reply at the BOTTOM on an email instead of the top

11/10/2001 08:28:55 EST <mariajordano> look at you right

11/10/2001 08:28:55 EST <christinesabieh> Yes.....that would be appreciated....... 11/10/2001 08:28:55 EST <Budapest1> tactful pause for a discussion.

11/10/2001 08:28:55 EST <David Eastment> No Steve, don't think there is but would have been a good idea!

11/10/2001 08:28:58 EST <mariajordano> Users: 34

11/10/2001 08:29:03 EST <nataliaminova> A list of delegates available is a good idea 11/10/2001 08:29:05 EST <mariajordano> 33

11/10/2001 08:29:28 EST <David Eastment> Maria - list on the right is only the peeps in the chat room

11/10/2001 08:29:28 EST <Arthur McKeown> Steve, there's probably a bar but i have not found it :-)

11/10/2001 08:29:28 EST <moderator1> Please hang on everyone! Trying to get Michael's audio back online

11/10/2001 08:29:28 EST <mariajordano> can you hear?

11/10/2001 08:29:37 EST <MikeIvy> er .. slide 33?

11/10/2001 08:29:37 EST <marciaadato> is anyone getting sound? I'm not.

11/10/2001 08:29:38 EST <caroline moore> no sound here

11/10/2001 08:29:38 EST <Ruaridh> There's a list of people in the chat room.

11/10/2001 08:29:40 EST <MikeIvy> Not yet.

11/10/2001 08:29:40 EST <garyroelofs> I can imagine "techies" scrambling round trying settings looking in control panels and such--interesting picture, but no sound

11/10/2001 08:29:50 EST <alejandromartinez> Slide 28 no sound

11/10/2001 08:29:53 EST <Vance> me neither

11/10/2001 08:29:53 EST <moderator1> Marcia the sound has crashed. Please wait for further info.

11/10/2001 08:30:05 EST <stevewalters> I also wonder why some people have chosen to use pseudonyms as they might in a chat room, whereas they woudn't in a conference 11/10/2001 08:30:05 EST <angela hulme> waiting

11/10/2001 08:30:05 EST <Caroline L> Glad it's not only me!

11/10/2001 08:30:18 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: here's an ishoo for synchronous comm: devices for knowing who's replied to which question?

11/10/2001 08:30:18 EST <Vicki Hollett> Isn't this chat box amazing - to get the streams of thoughts of umpteen people while you're listening to the talk.

11/10/2001 08:30:28 EST <caroline moore> perhaps we should click through the slides and discuss

11/10/2001 08:30:28 EST <Ruaridh> Time to take notes!

11/10/2001 08:30:40 EST <christinesabieh> I can image what is going on! 11/10/2001 08:30:40 EST <David Eastment> pmsl That's why peeps luv chat, Vicki!

11/10/2001 08:30:48 EST <Ruaridh> Good idea, Caroline.

11/10/2001 08:30:56 EST <MikeIvy> Yeah, what slide shd we B on?

11/10/2001 08:31:06 EST <Vance> Michael, what slide would we be on if we could hear you?

11/10/2001 08:31:06 EST <alejandromartinez> 28 I think

11/10/2001 08:31:06 EST <estelavillamarin> no sound

11/10/2001 08:31:07 EST <GeorginaMoorhouse> 28?

11/10/2001 08:31:07 EST <Phil Brabbs> 71?

11/10/2001 08:31:13 EST <Vicki Hollett> I want to think of a good pseudonym for next time.

11/10/2001 08:31:13 EST <stevewalters> pmsl? David?

11/10/2001 08:31:13 EST <Vance> There but for fortune ...

11/10/2001 08:31:13 EST <caroline moore> we were on 27, but can't see much of it 11/10/2001 08:31:20 EST <Tom Savage> QUESTION: Will (has) email delineate(d) into two (or more) clearly defined forms, edited&formal v. informal&unedited?

11/10/2001 08:31:20 EST <Caroline L> Why. Steve? Try typing your own name into Google and see what comes up!! My name brings up all of the chatroom rubbish from the Cyprus conference!

11/10/2001 08:31:20 EST <Phil Brabbs> sorry 28!

11/10/2001 08:31:30 EST <tonyryan> Question: How do you learn to use smilies/emoticons (is that the word?)

11/10/2001 08:31:30 EST <garyroelofs> mike--eric moderated a chat from Cyprus last summer that did it wonderfully and the transcript is worth studying

11/10/2001 08:31:30 EST <geofftaylor> Gilly Salmon's 5 stage model is super

11/10/2001 08:31:48 EST <moderator1> The sound will return when Michael gets his stream going again. Please wait!

11/10/2001 08:31:48 EST <christinesabieh> Vance, have you heard anything about the Cyprus conference proceedings?

11/10/2001 08:31:58 EST <David Eastment> My kippers are ready - Catch u guys later 11/10/2001 08:31:58 EST <Vance> what slide is that?

11/10/2001 08:31:58 EST <garyroelofs> goeff--which slide?

11/10/2001 08:32:08 EST <geofftaylor> slide 28

11/10/2001 08:32:15 EST <stevewalters> That's one reason Caroline, but I am sure there are others, Maybe a reflex?

11/10/2001 08:32:28 EST <Vance> can you see it in detail?

11/10/2001 08:32:28 EST <estelavillamarin> please, I want to know if anybody has got sound

11/10/2001 08:32:32 EST <garyroelofs> goeff-maybe, if I could read the fine print 11/10/2001 08:32:35 EST <alejandromartinez> No sound

11/10/2001 08:32:48 EST <geofftaylor> no sound here

11/10/2001 08:32:48 EST <moderator1> Ok everyone - clcik the audio link again please! 11/10/2001 08:32:48 EST <moderator1> Yes Michael - go for it!

11/10/2001 08:32:58 EST <tonyryan> Question: What does CMC in slide 28 stand for? 11/10/2001 08:33:18 EST <MikeIvy> Ok, sound back on!!

11/10/2001 08:33:18 EST <Phil Brabbs> sound on

11/10/2001 08:33:18 EST <Vance> computer mediated communication

11/10/2001 08:33:18 EST <nataliaminova> Dear Phil, using the opportunity, thank you for the Workshops which I found useful and wolderful.

11/10/2001 08:33:18 EST <stevewalters> Suggestion: Could the moderator use a different colour so his/her comments/instructions stand out a little more

11/10/2001 08:33:18 EST <moderator1> PLEASE CLICK YOUR AUDIO LINKS EVERYONE 11/10/2001 08:33:19 EST <caroline moore> computer moderated communication i think 11/10/2001 08:33:31 EST <moderator1> mediated

11/10/2001 08:33:31 EST <angela hulme> still no sound

11/10/2001 08:33:31 EST <Budapest1> fine again

11/10/2001 08:33:34 EST <moderator1> computer mediated communication

11/10/2001 08:33:34 EST <Caroline L> Perhaps, Tom Sa vage, because the forms are found necessary - mails to friends vs. mails in business - or also perhaps native and none-native speaker mails! - interesting, hmm?

11/10/2001 08:33:36 EST <GeorginaMoorhouse> welcome back

11/10/2001 08:33:37 EST <angela hulme> but a buzz

11/10/2001 08:33:49 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: CMC computre-mediated communication

11/10/2001 08:33:49 EST <garyroelofs> got it

11/10/2001 08:33:51 EST <stevewalters> sound back

11/10/2001 08:33:53 EST <geofftaylor> bingo

11/10/2001 08:33:54 EST <Vance> glad to have you back


11/10/2001 08:33:57 EST <angela hulme> fine now..on slide 28

11/10/2001 08:34:19 EST <MikeIvy> er.. computer

11/10/2001 08:34:29 EST <nataliaminova> OK

11/10/2001 08:34:29 EST <mariajordano> I bought a webcam bc I thought I need it for this, do you now how to use it?

11/10/2001 08:34:29 EST <Ruaridh> Still no sound here.

11/10/2001 08:34:31 EST <caroline moore> fine

11/10/2001 08:34:35 EST <alejandromartinez> OK

11/10/2001 08:35:09 EST <Ruaridh> Sound yet???????

11/10/2001 08:35:15 EST <mariajordano> yes

11/10/2001 08:35:15 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: um.. Annette's spelling..

11/10/2001 08:35:26 EST <mariajordano> sound!!!

11/10/2001 08:35:39 EST <moderator1> Maria, there's no webcam capability today unfortunately.

11/10/2001 08:35:39 EST <mariajordano> thank you mod

11/10/2001 08:35:39 EST <MikeIvy> I have sound, Ruaridh

11/10/2001 08:35:49 EST <Vance> has sound

11/10/2001 08:35:49 EST <moderator1> Ruaridh, reclick the link to the left of this Chat window

11/10/2001 08:35:58 EST <nataliaminova> 'Click here for live audio' in the lower part 11/10/2001 08:36:00 EST <Vance> slide 31

11/10/2001 08:36:29 EST <yoshienaya> I have the sound,too.

11/10/2001 08:37:01 EST <Ruaridh> Thanks, moderator 1 :-))

11/10/2001 08:37:11 EST <budapest> Could you let us have the reference to the Salamon model? Tahnks.

11/10/2001 08:37:13 EST <garyroelofs> q: does anyone recognize the phrase "the imponderable bloom"?

11/10/2001 08:37:24 EST <moderator1> You're welcome Ruaridh.

11/10/2001 08:37:59 EST <garyroelofs> a:

11/10/2001 08:37:59 EST <marciaadato> I have sound too..had to "click here for live audio"

11/10/2001 08:38:06 EST <Vance> is on slide 32

11/10/2001 08:38:14 EST <Vance> 33

11/10/2001 08:38:15 EST <budapest> QUESTION: Could we have the reference to the Salamon Model?

11/10/2001 08:38:17 EST <yoshienaya> Where is the slides?

11/10/2001 08:38:39 EST <moderator1> Budapest, Michael will address your Q at the end of the presentation. Thanks

11/10/2001 08:38:49 EST <Vicki Hollett> I agree with assessment - I bet the students appreciate it too

11/10/2001 08:38:56 EST <Budapest1> thanks.

11/10/2001 08:39:11 EST <moderator1> Yoshie, in the top frame of your window (above this Chat Room) is the text containing the link to Michael's slides.

11/10/2001 08:40:14 EST <Caroline L> QUESTION: Shouldn't there be a non-assessed place for interaction (mailing list perhaps?) Afrer all, you wouldn't grade conversation in the corridor!

11/10/2001 08:40:39 EST <marciaadato> sound gone again

11/10/2001 08:40:59 EST <GeorginaMoorhouse> Caroline L - agree, not all should be assessed.

11/10/2001 08:41:09 EST <marciaadato> it's back..that was faster than before

11/10/2001 08:41:36 EST <nataliaminova> Theachers have an assessing mechanism in them

11/10/2001 08:41:49 EST <moderator1> Slide 37

11/10/2001 08:41:56 EST <Vance> wakes up suddenly!

11/10/2001 08:41:57 EST <Phil Brabbs> Hi Misa congratulations!

11/10/2001 08:42:19 EST <moderator1> :-)

11/10/2001 08:43:19 EST <MikeIvy> WMP says: "Song: ELTOCpresentation 2 Artist: Michael Coghlan

11/10/2001 08:44:20 EST <misa pisova> Thanks for your suggestion, Phil - it worked 11/10/2001 08:44:35 EST <Ruaridh> Welcome back, David. Finished your dictionary? 11/10/2001 08:44:40 EST <yoshienaya> I found the slides, Thanks

11/10/2001 08:45:20 EST <Vance> Intuitive Chaos Navigation

11/10/2001 08:45:30 EST <Ruaridh> Great! Let's have fun.

11/10/2001 08:45:49 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: problem with chat in class: get Ss to go beyond simple exchange of biodetails.

11/10/2001 08:46:15 EST <Bat> QUESTION concerning evaluation of discussion postings: What is your opinion of delaying evaluation of language use until after

11/10/2001 08:46:27 EST <Ruaridh> Oh. What should I do?

11/10/2001 08:46:27 EST <Caroline L> Smaller groups or pairs perhaps?

11/10/2001 08:46:27 EST <mariajordano> do you know how to record this with windows media in a cd?

11/10/2001 08:46:33 EST <estelavillamarin> anyone from Argentina?

11/10/2001 08:46:33 EST <Bat> ... the topic has been discussed.

11/10/2001 08:46:50 EST <mariajordano> It is time for lunch in Spain

11/10/2001 08:47:00 EST <Vance> 1 pm gmt tomorrow (webheads)

11/10/2001 08:47:00 EST <MikeIvy> Agreed Caro L.

11/10/2001 08:47:17 EST <Vance> go ahead and peruse the materials

11/10/2001 08:47:59 EST <Vance> it's not chaotic, just disjunct

11/10/2001 08:48:48 EST <Budapest1> A chatoic kind of life

11/10/2001 08:48:53 EST <marciaadato> Question: What do you think of requiring Discussion participation in an online course and giving points for that participation? 11/10/2001 08:49:01 EST <alejandromartinez> Plus the smileys

11/10/2001 08:49:01 EST <Caroline L> BUT how well does multitasking work - TV during HWK and one will suffer!!:-)

11/10/2001 08:49:21 EST <mariajordano> I think you have to learn to live with it, just get used to

11/10/2001 08:49:21 EST <MikeIvy> QU./COMMENT: another problem is to get enough chatters online when you're on with a class

11/10/2001 08:49:22 EST <moderator1> The Qs that you've asked will be posted on the discussion forum for Michael to answer after the presentation - sorry he won't have time to answer orally.

11/10/2001 08:49:53 EST <Vance> What ways of moderating chat are effective do you think?

11/10/2001 08:49:58 EST <moderator1> Thanks Michael - that was great.

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <MikeIvy> Thanks very much Michael C

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <Caroline L> Thanks, very interesting

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <Bea Harmati> Thank you

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <GeorginaMoorhouse> thanks!

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <alejandromartinez> Thank you Michael

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <Vance> thanks Michael, great talk

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <Budapest1> thanks.

11/10/2001 08:50:21 EST <Phil Brabbs> thanks very much - very interesting and enjoyable

11/10/2001 08:50:31 EST <marciaadato> Thank you Michael...great presentation! 11/10/2001 08:50:31 EST <caroline moore> yes it was

11/10/2001 08:50:31 EST <geofftaylor> Thanks, Michael!

11/10/2001 08:50:31 EST <gavindudeney> <Enter Text Here>Thanks Michael, very useful! 11/10/2001 08:50:31 EST <lenkabucherova> wHAT ABOUT GETTING ENOUGH CHAT PARTNERS BY CONTACTING ANOTHER LANGUAGE LEARNING GROUPS

11/10/2001 08:50:37 EST <Miriam C> Excellent, Michael

11/10/2001 08:50:39 EST <yoshienaya> Thank you very much

11/10/2001 08:50:39 EST <Vicki Hollett> Thank you very much

11/10/2001 08:50:42 EST <Bat> Thank you, Michael. Enjoyed it.

11/10/2001 08:50:47 EST <christinesabieh> Thanks Mike

11/10/2001 08:50:48 EST <estelavillamarin> thank you

11/10/2001 08:50:57 EST <moderator1> The next presentation will begin in 10 mins. 11/10/2001 08:50:57 EST <misa pisova> Thanks a lot!

11/10/2001 08:50:58 EST <mariajordano> Thanks a lot

11/10/2001 08:50:58 EST <Stefan_U> Thank you

11/10/2001 08:51:01 EST <angela hulme> thanks !

11/10/2001 08:51:11 EST <Guest> Thanks from me too. A bit of a jig saw

11/10/2001 08:51:11 EST <geofftaylor>

11/10/2001 08:51:31 EST <MikeIvy> Well, one way could be to try the British Council's Learn English site and log on to its chat facility.

11/10/2001 08:51:31 EST <lenkabucherova> THANK YOU , Michael for interesting presentation

11/10/2001 08:51:41 EST <moderator1> stay put for our next speaker - Dr. Radislav Millrood.

11/10/2001 08:51:54 EST <Vance> must get you to suggest ways of moderating chat some time

11/10/2001 08:52:26 EST <Miriam C> Vance, what is Webheads' URL?

11/10/2001 08:52:31 EST <Davemillican> Question: Does the use of chat pose serious threat of viruses? - our college won't allow it

11/10/2001 08:52:51 EST <Vance> hang on, I'll get the url

11/10/2001 08:53:07 EST <Miriam C> tks

11/10/2001 08:53:11 EST <MikeIvy> I have never heard of viruses in chat.

11/10/2001 08:53:17 EST <Vance>

11/10/2001 08:53:52 EST <Vance> they're probably worried about other compromises to server security

11/10/2001 08:53:52 EST <moderator1> Please post any further Qs for Michael on the discussion forum (follow the link from the conference site)

11/10/2001 08:54:02 EST <Vance> collects his conference bag and sidles toward the exit 11/10/2001 08:54:12 EST <moderator1> Bye Vance!

11/10/2001 08:54:22 EST <Christine Livingstone> Slides are not in sync with video-Help! CL

11/10/2001 08:54:22 EST <Tom Savage> To anyone who was in the Michael Coghlan room, how long did I miss? When the sound went down I went off to toast a bagel, then when I came back, he'd just finished.

11/10/2001 08:55:22 EST <Guest> pleasantly anarchic

11/10/2001 08:55:22 EST <Tom Savage> I'd like to know if any of my questions were discussed!

11/10/2001 08:55:36 EST <Guest> mine were

11/10/2001 08:55:41 EST <moderator1> To view the next presenter's materials, please go to the last slide of the last presentation and 'click to continue'

11/10/2001 08:56:20 EST <moderator1> Tom, the discussion forum will have Qs for the speaker - he chose not to address them at the end (due to the midway hitch in audio). Sorry about that!