For this assignment you will need to use Real Audio.

In this assignment you will listen to an interview from BBC radio in Britain with Dave Sperling. Dave Sperling  is the creator of the ESL Cafe - a great site for learning English on the internet.


When you go to the following site IT IS POSSIBLE TO READ THE INTERVIEW. However, I ask you to do the exercise as a LISTENING EXERCISE FIRST. Try and answer the questions below just from listening to the interview.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Listen to the interview using Real Audio or Real Player.

Step 3

Answer the questions a) in writing OR b) by voice.

Step 4

Send me your answers.

Step 5

You can now listen to the interview WITH THE TEXT. That is, listen and read at the same time.



1) What was the internet like 5 years ago? (2 marks)

2) Why did Dave Sperling decide to create a web page? (2 marks)

3) What is Dave's ESL Cafe? (1 mark)

4) What other interactive pages can you find at the ESL Cafe? (2 marks)

5) Does he think websites can replace the classroom? (1 mark)

6) What does he say about the future of learning English on the World Wide Web (WWW)? (4 marks)


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