Presentation by Vance Stevens


  • Michael Coghlan (Australia)
  • Margaret Ann Doty (Maggi) (Germany)
  • Ying Lan (Taiwan)
  • Ming (Oregon)
  • Moral (China)
  • Gloria (Brazil)


Vance was scheduled to give a live presentation on WRITING FOR WEBHEADS at a workshop at the Vancouver TESOL 2000 conference at 3.00 pm Vancouver time on March 17th. (GMT 11.00 pm; 9.30 Central Australian time the following day - 18th March). The two other teachers and three students joined the presentation as remote participants at two sites:

1) A Voice Chat enabled site powered by software from Hearme.com (now defunct)

2) The EFI 3D Visual Chat Space at the Palace (click here for this log)

Below are the logs of the two concurrent chats from both sites.

Log of Hearme Talk Site

Michael (Australia) and Ming (Oregon) were the first to arrive at Michael's Hearme talksite. Ming as yet is unable to use a microphone to speak to other users at this site, but is able to hear Michael speaking to her. Michael does type some of their conversation, but the log below may seem disjointed as Michael's spoken contributions are not recorded in the log.

Throughout the conversation Ming and Michael, and later Ying Lan, are also part of the discussion taking part in the conversation with other Webheads in the Palace at the same time.

Ming has joined

Status: Connected

Michael has joined

Ming: yes

Ming: I dont know how even I have mic...

Michael: Can you tell me if you can hear me clearly?

Ming: sure! you have charming voice!!!!

Ming: no prob. ^-^

Ming: un...might the browser design prob....

Ming: I only use IE in my pc so I cant haelp you...

Ming: since IE did better job in support multi-lang

Ming: currently I change my os to Chinese version, and I can type Chinese, English, and Japanese in my PC

Ming: ^-^ no, that's because my pc do good job;

Ming: I am talking with Maggi now.!

Ming: I am going there now!

At this point Ming also joins Maggi in the Palace.

Ming: ok

Ming: hai hai.

Ming: sure, I think I need to answer it.

Ming: certainly

Michael: Great!!!

Ming: ^-^

Guest125 has joined

Guest125 has left

vance has joined

Ming: who is he or she?

Vance, on location at the TESOL conference in Vancouver, joins in:

vance: Hi, trying to wire a mic now

Ming: um.

Guest537 has joined

Guest537 has left

Ying (Taiwan) has joined. Like Ming, she is only able to hear speaking participants, and contributes to the conversation via text chat.

Ming has left

Ying: I am fine

Ying: I am working on my notebook, but I LEFT mic in my office.

Ying: The computer in my house has destroyed.....

Ying: The cpu is complete out of order.

Ying: hi every one.

Vance asks if we can hear him.

Michael: Yep...

Michael asks if Vance can hear him.

vance: got you loud and clear

Ying: I can hear you...

Ming has joined

Ying: I am from TAIWAN

Ying: I have attending the class for over one year.

Ying: I am appreciate what done by Vance and Michael.

Ming: yeah, I can hear you clearly

Ying: I also appreciate who has created the internet and new Tech.

Ming: I would try

vance has left

Kelly has joined. Kelly is one of the participating teachers at Vance's workshop in Vancouver. She is speaking to Ying Lan and Ming.

Ying: Because of the new Tech tool, I could contach the world in my house.

Ying: hi, everyone

Ying: Nice to meet you.

Ying: Thanks very much.

Ming: I couldnt hear that!!! ah!! >_<~

Ying: I have been Vancouver in 1996. It is a wonderful where I have been.

Ming: yes! got it!

Ying: Hi, Kelly, are you a teacher?

Ming: umm...no q in my mind now

Ying: Yeah!

Ming: sorry, I dont have a pic

Ying: You know my name!

Ming: but Ying is beautiful

Ming: yeah

Ying: I know... the wonderful place in USA...

Ming: I am UO's student

Ying: TECH city

Ying: and Good Coffee.

Ming: yeah

Ming: and it's 2nd year

Ying: Hi, MIng... a little nervous and forgot to say Hello to you.

Ming: wow

Ming: never ming, ying

Ming: opps, I mean, never mind

Ying: Kelly, has you taught students on line before?

Ming: sorry, could you plz say it again?

Ying: I am curious...

Ying: I was angry that I could not speak English

Ming: umm, I try to learn English with every methods.

Ying: I havde to \\\

Ying: I have to work and could not to study in USA

Ying: It is the only choice to study on line .

Ming: Not currently, I just finish writing 121

Ying: That's why I attend ESL.

Ming: and study my major

Ming: really long!

Ying: Actually, Once in a week.

Ming: since I use ether net to connect to net

Ying: Not ESL ,, it is English for Internet.

Ming: it's offered by school

Ying: I work in a bank.. I am 37 and single.

Ming: I also try to learn English from mailing list and newsgroup

Ying: I have no time to attend any Cram School at night.

Ming: that help me to learn more things for my major and other subjects

(At this point Kelly tells the others what is happening in the workshop!)

Michael: Thanks for the update Kelly!

Ming: I use pc and IE browser

Michael: I'm keeping quite here in the background!

Ying: I use notebook and IE 5

Ming: it support multi-lang better than nescape

Michael: Er...that should be quiet!

Ming: and more convenient for me

Michael: We are all actually in both places (as you can probably see)

(Michael is referring to beith in two chat rooms at the same time - this one and the Palace.)

Ying: I don't know how to answer your question....

Michael: Ying - what is Cram School?

Ying: I can not speak good English... Sometimes.

Ming: I try to answer every q from others as I can with English description

Ying: Night course

Ying: Ming, do you know Cram School?

Ming: Not me

Ying: Thanks. Kelly

Ming: I dont have a strict school life

Michael: So you know what 'cram' means?

Ming: but lots of people have

Ming: yeah

Ying: Bye

Michael: I thnk that's funny. I have never heard that before.

Kelly leaves the chat.

Michael: Bye Kelly.

Ming: bye, nice to type to you 2!

Ming: I think it's popular both in JApan and Taiwan

Ying: It is very populary in Taiwan.. I mean Cram School.

Ying: Ming is right...

Michael: Cram School! Fit everything into your head school!

Ming: we have different educational system

Ying: That's right...

Michael: And how effective is it Ying?

Ying: Students hate Cram School.

Ming: If you use another positive angle to see it, it's good

Ming: yuo can learn everything you want

Ying: Depends on what you want.

Ming: there always has some cram school waiting for yuo

Michael: How many nights do you attend?

Michael: Waitig for you and YOUR MONEY!

Ming: not only for school stuffs

Ying: I forgot.. It was a long time ago.

Ying: Where is Vance?

Ying: The conference is over?

Ming: I think that depend on which kind places yuo join to

Michael: I thjnk he's now at the Palace. Let's see....

Ying: I can not be there today.

Ming: no answer

Michael: Ying - I just realised I got it wrong. You DON'T attend Cram School!

Ying: I had attend Cram School, when I was teenage.

Ming: which age's cram school yuo are asking, Mike?

Ming: I might know better ...

Ying: Everyone has to attend Cram school, when he was teenage.

Ying: It is another Education problem in Taiwan.

Michael: Any age? I don't know anything about it.

Ming: different age and subject has different school to go

Ying: Ming is right.

Ying: The most of students go to Cram school for preparing the attending Test for go to University / High school.

Ming: yes!

Ying: yes.

Ming: dont know...

Ming: really! *^-^*

At this point Vance asks the conference participants to say goodbye to the remore participants (Michael, Ying Lan, and Ming). We can hear 50 people saying goodbye and clapping! Quite an astounding experience. (And for the record, I was wearing a sarong!)

Ying: bye-bye

Ming: ur welcome!

Ying: That's my pleause.

Ying: bye- bye

Ming: bi

Ming: bi everyone, and, nice to see ying here

Ying: Your welcome.

Ming: bye everyone! *kiss*

Michael: I'm going back to the Palace....

Ying: I have to say good bye to you.

Ming: I would miss yuo... *starry eyes*

Ying: I have no Palace software in my notebook.

Ming: I try to ask others help you, plz wait...

Ying: Michael, I won't be at the Palace and your icq list on Sunday.

Michael: OK Ying. We'll miss you!

Ying: I will try be your voice chat room

Ming: *HUGZ*

Guest300 has joined

Ming: Ying, I would in both sides, talk to you what's going on there later

Ying: Ming,,, do you ask me "pls wait"?

Ying: Hi, Guest 300

Guest300 has left

Gloria (Brazil) joins the chat.

gloria has joined

Ying: HI, gloria

Ying: The conference was over.

gloria: Hi everybody

Ming: if you want , though it's a bit hard for me to keep up with both places...

gloria: you could tell me about it on sunday

Ming: hi, gloria!

Ming: are you our mate or teacher?

Ying: I could not express it in English...

Ying: Let ming tell you.

gloria: Hi Ming, I guess it is our first time

gloria: Your classmate

Ming: can Ying type chinese ere?

Ming: oops! here..

Ying: ???, C an you read my Chinese name?

Ming has left

Ying: The system can not show Chinese big 5.

gloria: well well well..my mic doesn't work my speakers too..

Ming has joined

Ying: Ming,,,, it can not show Chinese big 5 here.

Ying: I tyed my chinses name ???

Ming has left

Ying: Michael... Why gloria and moral have the same problem here?

Ying: Are you here?

gloria has left

Concurrent to all of the above the following conversation is taking place in the Palace. Michael (Australia), Ming (Oregon), and Maggi (Germany) are first there.

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Michael C!

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Maggi: Hi guys

Michael C: You're such an exhibitionist Maggi!

Ming: hello!

Maggi: This is just for the show

Maggi: Vance rewuested it

Ming: ?

Maggi: ooops

Maggi: requested

Ming: request?

Michael C: What can I be? Got anyhting I can borrow?

Maggi: like this?

Ming: wow! cool!

Michael C: Yeh - any of those!

Maggi: thisw one?

Ming: should I leave the voice chat?

Ming: e? you cut yuorself?

Maggi: that was so Michael could take it

Michael C: Stay in the vocie chat Ming, You can be in both places like me.

Maggi: this will make Vance's day

Maggi: he thought there would be NO voice chat

Michael C: Didn't get the feet.

Ming: I know, just wonder should I close some wins in my screen

Maggi: oops

Ming: would anyone else go here?

Maggi: that looks different

Maggi: Felix said he would try

Ming: c

Michael C: I'm like a ghost - what about something with colour?

Michael C: Yeh - him.

Ming: you look not bad

Maggi: this one

Michael C: Yeh.

Ming: your son?

Michael C: Sorry - no head!

Ming: whu~whu~

Maggi: who took the sun out of the sky?

Ming: palace


Michael C: Thanks Maggi.

Michael C: I don't know what happened to th sun....

Ming: quite funny!

Maggi: mc USED TO LOOK LIKE THAT...lol

Ming: ah, I forgot answer some q;

Michael C: And I will again! I've started going to the gym!!!

Maggi: shoot Ming

Maggi: oooo

Maggi: mc

Michael C: Can you still hear me Ming?

Ming: Mike, it's 2:40 here, and I did my laundry stuffs this morning.

Maggi: stuff never takes an s

Maggi: you did your laundry or washed your stuff

Ming: washing machine did it. =D

Maggi: unless you stuff your laundry LOL

Michael C: Maggi - you must get voice chat!

Maggi: I have it, but my son went to bed so I can't use his computer

Maggi: I still have to reformat my other one

Michael C: Well make sure you do!

Maggi: Yes sir!!

Maggi: right away sir!!

Maggi: lol

Michael C: Ming says I have a charming Voice!

Maggi: WELLL...

Ming: For Maggi, since I have too few vocabulary my personal word bank, so I use the messages in mailing list to learn new words.

Michael C: Vance has arrived in the voice chat....

Michael C: I'll be there for a bit....(Michael returns to the voice chat site.)

Maggi: ok

Maggi: I'll keep the chair warm

Maggi: Watch TV and read too Ming

Maggi: ahhh

Maggi: we can both keep it warm

Ming: un.

Maggi: are you talking too on the voice chat?

Ming: sorry, since I did some stupid thing, I reopen the browser.

Ming: no, not yet

Ming: someone is speaking...

Ming is referring to the sound of voices coming from the conference workshop in Vancouver. Vance (from Vancouver) enters the chat.

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Maggi: Hi Vance!

Vance: Hi. We're at the conference. Micheel is on the other line. ANd it's working beautifully

Vance: Hi everyone

Maggi: Great!!


Maggi: oops

Maggi: slip of the key

Ming: sorry, I might cant keep up with both sides perfectly...

Maggi: so...now what?

Ming: oops, typing error

Maggi: do your best Ming

Here, using Vance's avatar, one of the conference participants joins in:

Vance: Hi! My name is not Vance but Diane from deep South Texas. How are you?

Maggi: Hi Diane

Ming: hello!

Maggi: I love grits

Vance: How do you like your grits?

Maggi: with butter, salt and pepper

Maggi: Hey Moral!

Moral: @64,64 !It's Moral

Moral: Hi, everyone

Maggi: Moral is from China

Maggi: Ming is from Taiwan

Maggi: They have had some interesting conversations

Vance: Do you like salsa and fajitas?

Moral: how long have you been here?

Maggi: You are making me hungry...:-)

Maggi: Not long Moral

Ming: I just eat some ice cream~

Maggi: too cold still here for ice cream

Vance: I've been in VanCouver for a week and return tomorrow. It's a little colder here than in Texas, so it will be good to return to the sun and palms.

Maggi: Vance is Diane at the conference

Maggi: well...summer will come to Europe too...:-)

Michael C: Good morning Moral!

Maggi: someday

Moral: How is your presence Vance?

Ming: it might be pretty hot!

Maggi: presentation

Moral: session

Maggi: better Moral

Vance: Will it ever get to 100 degrees fahrenheit in Europe?

Michael C: He has started his introduction.

Michael is referring to the fact that Vance has just begun his workshop.

Maggi: sure it does...but not for too long

Maggi: can you hear it MC?

Vance: We start high temperatures in April and go until October.

Michael C: Only muffled sound in the background. V is not directly speaking in the mic...

Maggi: I know...I drove across Texas during a heat wave

Michael refers to what is happening in the other chat room (the talk site):

Michael C: ....and Kelly (a teacher there) is talking to Ying and Ming and they are rreplying via text chat.

Maggi: that is great!!

Vance: During what month did you drive across - across- across Texas?

Michael C: It's absolutely amazing!!!

Maggi: It was during the heat wave in July '98

Michael C: Tthere are about 50 people in the room and they are following the conversation on a big screen.

Maggi: kewl

Michael C: Super kewl!

Maggi: we are making history or something...:-)

Moral: What is kewl?

Maggi: cool

Vance: What is kewl? and super kewl?

Maggi: just a different spelling

Moral: Oh, I know now

Maggi: that we are all here

Moral: Of course, it is cool.

Maggi: from different corners of the world

Maggi: all talking live

Moral: yes, different corners.

Maggi: Moral you are on the opposite side

Maggi: from me

Moral: do you mean time zone?

Maggi: physically

Moral: Yes

Maggi: Do I hear clapping?

Maggi: no....guess not

Maggi: You still there Diane?

Maggi: hmmm...well, Vance still has 10 minutes

Ming: Vance?

Maggi: in a vacuum here

Ming: vacumn?

Ming: cube?

Maggi: very quiet

Ming: un

Michael C: Well I think we should just continue talking.

Michael C: What are your plans for the day Moral?

Ming: wow! so tired! I shoul dimprove my typing speed sooner!

Moral: I will go to visit my brother.

Maggi: I still have to sleep first

Moral: Did Vance removed the webpages on homestead.com?

Maggi: and my brothers are too far away

Michael C: Does your brother live far away?

Moral: No, he is not. Just in the city.

Maggi: I don't think he has Moral

Michael C: So - is that 5 k's? 15 minutes?

Moral: What do you plan to do today, Michael?

Maggi: Yeh..on Saturday...

Vance: I haven't been able to chat, and I've got to go. Just saying bye.

Maggi: bye

Moral: bye

Vance: OK, bye to everyone. Thanks a lot. You were a great hit.

Vance's presentation has finished but he stays on in the Palace and keeps chatting. A lot of the conversation revolves around Moral being able to access webhead sites inside China.


Ming: *^-^*

Maggi: that was it then?

Michael C: That was it then!

Vance: It was great. You don't know how great it was.

Michael C: Fantastic!


Maggi: ooops

Michael C: Gloria has just come online.

Vance: I'm still here

Maggi: I see her

Vance: I'm suddenly being introduced

Maggi: ooo

Ming: hi, can anybody help Ying to get the Palace software?

Michael C: Being inttroduced?

Vance: OK, the next speakers are on.

Maggi: did she lose it?

Vance: I've turned the monitor off, but no one minds if I stay online

Maggi: boy...they stick to a tight schedule

Michael C: So you feeling good vance?

Vance: Yes, they have to.

Vance: Yeah, it was GREAT!

Vance: It worked beautifully.

Vance: You guys are great.

Maggi: kudos big guy

Vance: Thanks a lot Moral and Ming for being here.

Vance: And Michael and Maggi of course.

Maggi: ah shucks

Vance: Ming, Moral, still there?

Moral: You are welcome, Vance.

Ming: ah! how many I missed!

Michael C: It was fun. When er can do it again?

Michael C: Joke!!!

Vance: You were there. Your pictures were on the big screens.

Moral: Vance, did you remove the webheads webpages from homestead.com?

Maggi: at our ELTAF conference here in September...

Vance: Now I'm sitting next to the next speaker trying to be unobtrusive.

Ming: really?! hello!

Vance: No, Moral, I didn't. Why, not there?

Maggi: i oresent and you all show up

Moral: I can't visit it.

Vance: Moral, we have a similar problem in the UAE. Censors chase us around. Can you reach Michael's site?

Vance: Michael, what's your homestead url?

Moral: yes, I can.

Vance: But not webheads? Let me try it now.

Moral: I mean Chariot.net.au.

Vance: No, Michael, what's your homestead site?

Michael C: HANG ON....

Ming: >_<~ my browser stucks! I need to reenter mike's place again...

Vance: I just tried. I get the homestead url fine.

Vance: stucks? Sucks? Sticks?

Vance: Probably sucks.

Ming: I try to be polite ..

Michael C: I can't actually remember Vance. I don't have a link to it anymore.

Vance: What happened to Ying Lan's machine?

Maggi: she can't remember if it sucks

Vance: http://homestead.com/mikecogh/files/gallerythumbs.htm

Maggi: sorry, that wasn't an answer to that question

Vance: Moral, did you get that url? Can you visit: http://homestead.com/mikecogh/files/gallerythumbs.htm

Michael C: Oh that site! I thoiught you meant the chat one! ( I do have al link to that site!

Moral: I can't connect to netword.com neither.

Moral: I'll try

Ming: I might open to many wins...

Vance: well, netword is not a problem. It only points to the other sites.

Vance: If you can get me an ftp address to a computer in china I can send the files there and you can put the site up on a Chinese computer.

Vance: It will probably get you in trouble with your government though, do you think?

Vance: I have an idea, what if we mirror it at Chariot?

Moral: It won't be a trouble.

Vance: I'm sure we can overcome the problem. Did you try Michaels' url?

Michael C: I'm listening...

Moral: yes, it works.

Vance: So you can reach the homestead.com sites ... just webheads ...

Moral: but webheads is displayed expired.

Vance: Try this one: http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/students.htm

Moral: Webheads is expired.

Ming: Ying just left...

Ming: mike left also...

Moral: Ok, i'll try again.

Vance: Can the rest of you reach the homestead sites?

Michael C: Bit I haven't left the Palace yet...

Ming: url?

Vance: http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/webheads.htm

Ming: I c yuo there, mike

Michael C: But if I'm not needed for anything else I'm going to go out in the garden and stuff....

Ming: IT works.

Vance: Can you check the url befoer you go MC?

Vance: http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/webheads.htm

Michael C: Sorry vacne - whcih one?

Vance: http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/webheads.htm

Michael C: OK...

Vance: Thanks Ming for checking it for us.

Michael C: It's working fine. Can

Michael C: It's working fine. Can't Moral get it?

Vance: Did you have any luck Moral, with http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/webheads.htm ??

Ming: Some people in China has problem with proxy server

Vance: Sorry, with http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/students.htm

Moral: Ok, It works now. Thank you all very much.

Ming: that's not bad

Vance: That's true, Ming. Good, Moral, just curious, can you link back to main page?

Moral: I am sorry that I might use the old name.

Michael C: http://www.homestead.com/vstevens/files/efi/students.htm - also fine.

Vance: Thanks, MC. You've put in a good days work. Go relax in your garden now.

Vance: You deserve it.

Maggi: getting gi'm falling asleep

Michael C: Thanks Vance! What are you going to do for the rest of the day?

Maggi: oh je

Ming: german?

Maggi: yes

Vance: It's evening here. I've done all my big presentations now. Relax myself I believe. At least 3 microbreweries in town.

Ming: means?

Maggi: tie one on eh?

Moral: I works now, Thank you Vance.

Maggi: Oh...my week is finished

Michael C: Sounds fine. Enjoy it. I'll see you all later. It;s lovely to be a part of all this.

Vance: Good Moral. I'm glad we don't have to get you in trouble with the proxy police.

Ming: soOOOOOO good

Maggi: I love it too MC...:-)

Vance: Me too. I should probably discretely move away from the present presenter.

Michael C: Ciao!

Vance: bye then

Ming: bye, mike

Maggi: good thing there is no sound

Maggi: bye mc

Vance: Got my sound muted

Moral: bye, michael

Michael leaves the Palace, and wanders around the house and the garden, still dressed in his sarong. (I wonder what the others were wearing???) He is in a bit of a daze as he contemplates the notion that he just took part in an international conference workshop sitting at his desk in the study in Adelaide, Australia. He could hear them, and they could hear him. Astounding. It felt almost as good as being there in person. Maybe better. Itís a wonderful world. It took him at least 30 minutes to come down and get back to normal life. For the rest of the day he feels like he really has been at the conference in Vancouver. And I guess he was!