Vancouver and BC 2001

before the conference
the conference
Grouse Mountain
Victoria Island
on the way to Whistler
the way back

The conference got underway Sunday night. Murray Goldberg delivered his keynote and winners of the exemplary course project were announced. Catriona Ward is pictured here with Murray, Maisie Cains and David Graf (coordinators of the project). Catriona was recognised for her training module, Customising an Online Course.
The conference dinner was an amazing affair. Outdoors in the grounds of the Museum of Anthropology overlooking Vancouver Harbour. The mood was really laid back, and in stark contrast to the stuffy ritzy dinners that characterise many Australian conferences.
Satisfied after our portion of the mega salmon BBQ for all 800 delegates under a huge marquee.
Deb just couldn't get enough of that fine Canadian brew.
The 2001 conference came to a typical wacky conclusion. Murray and co acted out a scene from the Wizard of Oz.
Coffee after dinner one night at a Vancouver sidewalk cafe. Steve Roberts at far left.