Bridging Cultures via Online Community (Webheads)
November 20th, 2004

This presentation will introduce conference delegates to an online community of adult teachers and students of English - the Webheads. The Webheads community was established in 1998 when a group of people around the globe decided to maintain regular contact via Internet communication tools, and hold a weekly online meeting. Six years later this extraordinary community is still active, and growing. It is a superb example of how a sense of community can bridge cultures and unite individuals from diverse backgrounds across the globe. The Webheads exploit Internet technology to forge links across time and distance to develop a truly cross-cultural community that is sustained by a rich dialogue of multiple perspectives. Rather than a point of division or difference, the cross-cultural nature of this community has been a uniting influence, and a key factor in its longevity.
This presentation will outline the key features of this community, and feature a live connection with members of the community from around the world. During the presentation delegates will have the opportunity to communicate with community members in real time.

Michael Coghlan

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