BHOOM LAUNCH on the Archie Badenoch (4/7/02)
Damien and our guest from Serendipity Bed and Breakfast discovere they have a mutual friend in the Trade Union Choir.
Ben - clearly a natural seaman - gathering first hand data for his first novel about sea travel.

Bruce about to sneak up on an unsuspecting Jeff.

Official duties over, Pene enjoys the morning winter sun.

Bruce and a very cool Anthea.
Captain Catchlove keeps an eye out for icebergs.

The pub beckons from across the water.

Suzie and Pauline - the two who started all this BHOOM business.

What can I say?

A glimpse of another era.

Pene holds us all spellbound as she gees up the troops.

Click on the movie link for a rousing chorus of a classic from the 70's. MOVIE

And last but not least, the guests of honour.
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