Buildings 2003 - a selection from Honolulu, San Diego, Tijuana, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, New York and Vancouver (you have to guess which building is where!)

(posted 8/1/04)

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ab_airport ab_fitness_club ab_mosque ab_scape ab_scrapers
ab_airport.jpg ab_fitness_club.jpg ab_mosque.jpg ab_scape.jpg ab_scrapers.jpg
ab_villas amph_balboa apartments balboa_courtyard balboa_entry
ab_villas.jpg amph_balboa.jpg apartments.jpg balboa_courtyard.jpg balboa_entry.jpg
bkk_flats central_pk1 church fifth_avenue fifth_avenue2
bkk_flats.jpg central_pk1.jpg church.jpg fifth_avenue.jpg fifth_avenue2.jpg