- Musical BIO

    born in Adelaide (1954)

     has been writing songs since he was 20

     has played regularly in coffee bars, hotels, restaurants and folk clubs in  Adelaide overseas since 1977; mostly as a soloist

    spent a year busking and playing music for a living in Europe and Israel

    played regularly at Ginger's Coffee Shop in North Adelaide for years, and as a member of SCALA (Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association) 

    appeared at the 1991 National Folk Festival as part of the group Changing Hats, and as a soloist at the 1991, '92, and '93 Goolwa Folk Festivals

    judge at Goolwa Songwriting Event 1993; Festival of Original Music (FOOM) 1999 - 2018
    describes his music as 'contemporary acoustic' (a blend of folk, pop, rock and country); plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica, keyboard and percussion

    musical influences: Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull), Van    Morrison, Leo Kottke, Bruce Springsteen, Vin Garbutt, my brother Shaun, life  and travelling

    completed a cassette of original songs in 1991 entitled 'Leave Me On the Beach' (Independent) 

    a featured artist as part of the SA writers and songwriters exhibition at the State Library 1992; (sponsored by Dept Arts and Cultural Heritage)

    former member of Dark Island, with Sean Mangan, Kate Battersby, and George Will

    former member of Changing Hats, with Sean Mangan, and Jeff Witt

    regular contributor to the music section of the now defunct Adelaide Ray


     regular contributor (music, theatre) to The Clothesline (Adelaide based arts magazine)

    member of Eagles tribute band, The Hawkers

    member of the cast for the live Acoustic Tull show


  (last updated 4/8/19)