A few days ago the Australian Prime Minister, John HoWARd stood beside George Bush as Bush told the world HoWARd was a man he could count on. Bush further thanked the Australian people for their support in the campaign against Iraq. The point is, Prime Minister Howard and Bush do not have the support of the Australian people. Less than 10% of Australians support a unilateral action against Iraq without UN support. It is less clear what percentage of Australians may support a UN sanctioned strike against Iraq but the last 2 days have seen the biggest anti-war demonstrations in Australia since the Vietnam war protests in the early 70's. 150,000 people demonstrated on the streets of Melbourne yesterday (February 15th), and today approximately 250,000 marched on the streets in Sydney, and 100,000 in Adelaide (see pictures below). Apparently it was the biggest day of protests the world has ever seen as people hit the streets in the US, the UK, Taiwan, Germany, France, Israel, etc. Let's hope the axis of egos (Bush, Tony Blair, and Howard) listen.

Let it be very clear. Prime Minister Howard does not have the support of the majority of Australians. He is acting on his own without the support of the Australian parliament or the Australian people. Last week the Australian senate (the upper house in the Australian parliament) passed a no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister. I for one am embarrassed and ashamed to have my Australian identity associated with the actions of our Prime Minister.

Michael Coghlan (February 16th, 2003)

If you would like to email the Prime Minister and tell him how you feel go to http://www.pm.gov.au/your_feedback/feedback.htm

To cast your votes in online polls on these issues try http://www.time.com/time/europe/gdml/peace2003.html, and here for an Australian poll.

For information about protests in Australia see http://www.anti-bases.org/

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