I drove into town one day early in May and parked my car a short walk away from the Hyatt Regency. This would be home for the next two days at the CommunIT conference. I walked in, registered, saw a couple of old friends, and went and sat down in the main hall to browse throught the goodies in the conference 'showbag.' I found the list of delegates and scrolled down the list and there was a name I knew - Georgina Nou, Alice Springs based webhead from the famous Deadly Mob Cafe. I scanned the room for her. I knew what Georgina looked like because I had seen recent photos of her with Jonathan from Learning Times on her visit to NY, but I couldn't spot her in the crowd. It didn't take long to find each other in the first break however. As it usually is when Webheads meet, I felt like I had discovered an old friend and immediately felt very comfortable with her.
Later in the day I spotted Georgina in a quiet corner with an old friend of mine, Jeff Hunter, from Pt Lincoln. As they are both involved in teaching indigenous Australians I imagine that's what they were talking about.....
Then of course we had to have a photo taken together, so here it is. Georgina looks great. I look 'dorky' I reckon, but I guess that what's I look like sometimes.
Here's another one where I'm trying to be amusing.....It was great to meet Georgina. I'm sure we'll meet again, and I'd like that to be up in her part of the world.
Note: notice Michael doing the 'Webheads salute' on the background image. This particular salute was made at Trephina Gorge, just out of Alice Springs where Georgina lives.
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