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MFO and Constructivism
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In general, how highly do you rate constructivist approaches to learning?

Respondant Number Response
1 Very. This is the way where true learning occurs.
2 Constructivity Learning is an essential aim to reach towards. But is not a solution in its own right. Meaning, to place a constructivist approach with learners who are not ready for it, is dangerous, like giving a chainsaw to untrained people. We just need to help them move towards the constructivist methodology. A bit ironic in it's own right, help people move to constuctivist approaches. But putting people out to faily is also not an option. So yes, use it, but be aware of where your learners are at.
3 I believe strongly in contructivist learning approaches for all learners but particularly with those who have failed in formal schooling. Student centredness is embedded in the way I teach. I choose to present material which is open-ended, has multiple perspectives of content or concept but has enough framework to ensure learners don't get lost. I react to learners' needs and negotiate a learning plan, provide an environemnt which allows errors to be a tool for learning and understanding and gives control to the learner.
4 Very highly.
I've found it to be exceptionally engaging as the moderator manoeuvres the common-sense and informed viewpoints of participants towards shared learning.
This strategy results in:
1. involvement
2. value-adding
3. recognition and worth
4. motivation
5. extension beyond one's current boundaries.
5 I like the method and try to use it within all my lessons, my approach is to try and have students particularly in CAD to think about what they are doing and why.
6 Heuristic styles of education tend to more deeply embed knowledge as the brain has to do more. (Rather than just soak it up from a lecture). So I suppose I find the constructivist approach valid.
7 Very high. It is a particularly useful teaching method for ESL learners. In the past I have encouraged the students to set their own individual goals in learning English. Constructivism allows the students to explore and create their own learning to achieve those goals. It is a very student centred approach and more satisfying for the students. At the same time valuing and recognising the skills and experineces that each student brings to the classroom.
8 I rate constructivism highly but I use this approach in conjunction with some other methodologies.
9 pretty high
10 middle of the road
11 Highly
12 I think the concept is exciting and the way of the future. At the moment with the courses/students I have I don't have the freedom to take students through a completely constructivist model but whenever possible I use constructivism to achieve some course outcomes.
13 I try to use it with all my teaching.
The self paced, competency based methodology we have been using for years encourages constructivism.
14 As I like offering alternative approaches to learning to cater for varying learning styles I feel that constructivist approaches are an excellent alternative for some learners.
15 very highly
16 I think it is a great way of teaching but relies on the creativity and involvement of the students.
17 I value them very highly, as learners can be more actively involved and learning is at a greater depth and remembered longer.
18 I think this is an extermely important part of learning. It encompasses the theory and practical approach, it taps into personal creativity or ideas and passions. Alalows people to achieve at their own development pace
19 After reading an article from Debono on proactive and reactive teaching I have become a big fan. I believe constructivism is probably the same thing
20 I believe that it provides a strong basis for skills based and action learning
21 very highly
22 I believe in the idea of constructivism however I think that for it to be successful, one needs to be highly motivated eg the student really, really wants the module; finds the content really really interesting and fun to do;engages with other participants.
I don't want to sound pessimistic, however the course took a huge amount of time [certainly more than I allow for it]and I felt that I could have done heaps more. Because of other factors, I really had to push myself to keep up and in the end just fell over the line!
23 Although this is a more difficult way to teach I think it is very valuable way of teaching, particularly if the content is based around discussion instead of practical skills which are black and white in application.

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