What are Flexible Learning Leaders?

Flexible Learning Leaders are professionals in Vocational Education and Training (VET) who are leading the way to change in flexible education and training. They receive professional development funding for a year to expand their knowledge and skills in flexible learning and leadership. It is my great fortune to be a Flexible Learning Leader for 2003.

Brief Summary of My Professional Development Goal

I am going to investigate the use of online voice tools. I hope to improve my skills as a voice online presenter, and will research the use of a range of tools in on and off campus settings. I intend to establish a community of practice to explore the technical competence and methodologies required to successfully implement these tools in teaching programs. Ultimately, by demonstrating to practitioners that using these tools is easier than they think, I hope more teachers will adopt the use of online voice tools to add value to the teaching and learning experience.

Project Homes on the Web

It is early days but I can say with some certainty that these two sites will be crucial in assisting and promoting my work throughout 2003.

  1. LearnScope - the home of the Australian Flexible Learning Community
  2. LearningTimes - an open community for education-minded people. This is the home base of my study into the use of voice and synchronous tools this year. Membership of LearningTimes is free. Once you have become a member......


Please visit my Community of Voices nook in LearningTimes, introduce yourself in voice or in writing, and have your say in the discussions there.

FLL Journal

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