NET*Working 2004 online conference will have a virtual classroom tool available for live presentations Ė Elluminate Live. Elluminate allows participants in a live presentation to communicate in text and voice, share an interactive whiteboard, and view graphic materials like presentation slides and websites.

If you would like to use Elluminate as part of your presentation at NET*Working, or would like to participate in events using this tool you will need to download and install it on your computer.

LearningTimes is a sponsor of the conference, and they are kindly making the Elluminate tool available to† all conference participants.

How to Download and Install Elluminate

To gain access to Elluminate

1)     go to
2)     if you are not a member already sign up via the Become a Member button. (It takes just a few minutes, and it's free.)
3)     once you are inside the LearningTimes community, select the Meeting Room link from the navigation bar on the left.
4)     This will prompt the automatic download and install of the software necessary to run Elluminate.

Elluminate requires a program called Java Web Start (a quick download) (or OpenJNLP for Macs), and 4.5 MB of Java files to run the virtual classroom. (This can take between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the speed of your connection). If you do not have Java Web Start on your computer you will be redirected to the Elluminate website. When Java Web Start and the required files have been downloaded your computer will attempt to open the virtual classroom. If you are lucky, and you are not behind any firewall that is blocking access, the classroom should open, connect, and authenticate you as a legitimate user of the Elluminate classroom. To check that you are really logged into the classroom see if you can type and send some chat in the direct messaging window on the left.

If you are not able to log in then itís time for troubleshooting! In most cases this is going to be due to firewall restrictions. Elluminate is sometimes able to connect through firewalls, and sometimes not. It depends on how your firewall is configured.

There are a number of excellent support documents available at to help with various problems you may have getting Elluminate working.

Ports and Firewalls

Port 2187 or 80, and port 83 for recordings, on your firewall must allow all outbound connections for Elluminate to access the server. Elluminate support has created a document that will aid in configuring a port on your firewall/proxy to allow a complete download and connection to the session ó it is a PDF document available at

If all this sounds a bit daunting, show this document to your IT support staff and they should be able to get you connected. If your IT support are unable or donít have permission to allow you access to these ports then you have a higher level problem!

Go HERE to see how Marie Zuvich approached getting acquainted with Elluminate, and HERE for Stephan Ridgeway's guide to using proxies (especially useful for people in NSW.)

Letter of support for IT managers. (Feel free to download this Word document for sending to IT managers. It contains technical information about Elluminate and details of a test site that IT managers can use to test access to Elluminate within your organisation.)

Getting Audio (Microphone and Speakers) Working

If you have Elluminate up and running you can check the built-in audio wizard. See for instructions.

For use of audio generally, try testing your PCís audio following the steps at (Ignore the second half of this page about Wimba.)

Designing Online Conference Presentations
Ellumininate Practice Sessions
(for all intending NET*Working 2004 presenters and participants in live online events)
Using Wimba Voice Boards

If you have any questions about material on this page, or about designing events for NET*Working 2004 please contact Michael Coghlan - or 0417 899 912

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