NET*Working 2004 online conference will have Wimba voice boards available as an extra option for those who might like to include a spoken discussion forum as part of their presentation. A voice board is the spoken equivalent to written text based threaded discussions.

If you would like to use a voice board as part of your presentation at NET*Working, you will need to download and install it on your computer.

How to Download and Install a Wimba Voice Board

A trial voice board has been set up at

If you have never used a voice board before, visiting this URL will prompt the automatic download and installation of some Java software from Horizon Wimba. This can take 5- 15 minutes depending on your connection speed.

When the installation is complete, enter a screen name in the dialog box that appears (this will be the name that appears on any messages you create. No password is required.) To post a message to the board click compose and away you go! Note: if you donít have a microphone you can still listen to other messages, and post a written message. You donít have to post a spoken message. Wimba voice boards accommodate both.

Please visit the board at as often you like and experiment with it. Closer to presentation time, if you would like a voice board to complement your presentation you will be given a new and separate board for your event.

Firewalls and IT Support

Wimba is reasonably good at getting through firewalls, but if you are barred from installing software on your computer you will need to get IT assistance to get the voice board installed.

(If you would like a letter of support outlining the fact that Wimba voice boards have been chosen for use in the premier event of the VET calendar year, and confirming that they are safe, secure, reputable, and used by many educational and training organizations around the world please contact Michael Coghlan -

Getting Audio (Microphone and Speakers) Working

To help you getting your audio working satisfactorily in Wimba go to and run through their diagnostic test.

For use of audio generally, try testing your PCís audio following the steps at (Ignore the second half of this page about Wimba Voice Direct.)

Designing Online Conference Presentations
Using the Ellumininate Virtual Classroom
(for all intending NET*Working 2004 presenters and participants in live online events)

If you have any questions about material on this page, or about designing events for NET*Working 2004 please contact Michael Coghlan - or 0417 899 912

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