The Internet is not just a passive resource. As someone commented after one of my voice online workshops, "I thought the Internet was just something for getting information." The Internet is a connected network of people. Access to real people in real time is one of its greatest strengths, and this aspect of the Net is very much under utilised

Using your voice online is not possible for many people who work in instititutions that have firewalls in place, but there are a number of free tools available for using your voice online for those who would like to try it in environments with no firewall instructions.. You can use your voice online

  • to send and receive emails
  • to post to online forums
  • have one on one contact with colleagues or students
  • have group discussions with colleagues or students

The first tool we'll look at is Yahoo Messenger.

What do you need?

To talk using Yahoo Messenger:

  • select a person's name (who is online) from your friends list

  • select tools > invite to conference

  • select the name of the person online that you would like to talk to
  • click add to move the person's name to the window on the right
  • select 'enable voice' then 'invite' (Note: if someone invites you to a conference they have initiated you will have to click accept to be able to join them.)
  • you should now see something that looks like this:

You have 2 options when you use voice

1) select hands free (this means every cough, sniff and grunt will be heard by other users in the conference!)
2) click on Talk everytime you want to speak

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