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Wimba used to offer their tools as a free service, but like manny other web based software proprietors they have now switched toi a user pays model.

Wimba has several tools but the two that I will discuss here are

  1. voice forums
  2. voice email

Voice Forums

Voice forums function in mch the same way that text based discussion software. You can conduct threaded discussions using your voice. To see how this tool works you can go HERE and trial it at this free demo site.

Using the tool is fairly straightforward. Just use the record, play, and post buttons to contribute to this free discussion board. (Note: unlike many text based forums, you must enter a new subject for your messagewhen you are replying to a thread, and you cannot use these forums if you are behind a firewall.)

Voice Email

Wimba voice email uses an interface that is similar to the voice forum. Use the record, play, and send buttons on the demo site to send a voice email to others. Wimba voice mail can be used even if you are behind a firewall.

Wimba voice mail is web based so any messages you send or receive do not sit on your hard drive. You can try it out here at the demo site.

Pure Voice

Another great tool for sending voice email is Pure Voice, especially If you are a Eudora user. Pure Voice can be downloaded from Although Pure Voice is designed to be used with Eudora you can attach Pure Voice documents to any email program.

NB: messages recorded with Pure Voice are actually .wav files so messages more than 20 seconds long can be very large files, and unlike Wimba, these files do sit on your hard drive and can take a long time to download over dial up connections.

Sound Recorder

You can also use Sound Recorder (installed on most Windows machines) to record and listen to email messages, but it also create .wav files. Sound Recorder will only let you record files up to one minute long. If you want to record longer .wav messages you can use a product like Goldwave.

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