Vancouver and BC 2001 - on the way to Whistler

before the conference
the conference
Grouse Mountain
Victoria Island
on the way to Whistler
the way back

Our night on Victoria Island was spent in this Howard Johnson's at Nanaimo. There's a great story attached - ask if you want hear it. After a night of much laughter we hopped in our hired black beast and headed for the next ferry back to the mainland.
The journey back to another part of the mainland just north of Vancouver was nowhere near as spectacular as the ride over - mostly over open and wind swept water but it was a relaxing 90 minutes or so all the same.
The 90 km road up to Whistler was breathtaking beyond belief. Amazing coastal views of mountains and fiords, and inland waterfalls like this one at left.
We stopped for lunch about half way up to Whistler in Squamish - a strange place that felt like it should be on the edge of a desert rather than nestled below majestic mountains.