Vancouver and British Colombia (June, 2001)

before the conference
the conference
Grouse Mountain
Victoria Island
on the way to Whistler
the way back

"Canada 3000? Huh? Never heard of them said one travel agent." But this plane, pictured here at Brisbane airport, delivered me safely to Vancouver.
And there it was. Water water everywhere. Vancouver rivals Sydney for spectacular location. And it's younger than Adelaide - founded in 1876. This is taken from Stanley Pk looking towards north Vancouver ('North Van').
First things first. Let's find somewhere to have a coffee - here at the ubiquitous Starbucks - in Gastown.
But we didn't just sit around the whole time. Here we're setting off for the beautiful Stanley Pk. We loved it, and all got lost on the way home. Deb had the good fortune to get a puncture and had to walk her bike back.
But of course there's always another cafe. Rock star Rita recovers with a .....well what is it actually Rita?
It's a sad sight isn't it? in one of the world's beautiful places and still needing to be wired.
Not all of Vancouver is beautiful. Like all modern cities tall concrete buildings dominate the skyline. Below left is the view from the Delta apartments where Deb, Rita, and Catriona stayed. (I was down at the 'Y' paying for myself.) Much of the Vancouver skyline however does feature thoughtfully capped buildings like the one on the right. All buildings constructed now must have angular roofs. Vancouver apparently gets rain 8 days out of 10 (though we saw little rain in our two weeks there) and flat roofs never get the chance to dry out and can (and do) go rotten.